where did you start fly fishing?

I began right after the end of World War II when a family friend (and returning veteran) took me to the Deschutes in Oregon where I caught my first Brown on a fly

That introduction started me on this life-long adventure called fly fishing!


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Late 60's. Eastern Pennsylvania. Monocacy creek, Saucon creek. Expanded into the Poconos, Marshalls creek, Broadhead, Bushkill, after my brother got his drivers licence. First fly rod was a Sheakespear Wonder Rod, still a great rod, wish I still had it. First flies were both feather wing and bucktail streamers like the Mickey Finn. I took great pains in painting the eyes on the heads of the flies, believing that a good looking eye showed the spark of life inside.

I remember hoping on my bicycle, riding about five miles to Monocacy creek. Arriving before daylight and tying on the first fly of the day in a shaft of light coming out of a railroad switch box.



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1962 as a college student at ellensburg encouraged by my friend, george, to take it up. the yakima r., manastash, ..... anywhere we could find water to fish on our limited gas budget. used to 'drift' the yakima in george's old WWII b25 yellow raft with 3' oars :cool:
I was around 8-9ish so it was early 80's, on the Clarion river and some tribs to it. I had an old bamboo rod. I think it may have been a cortland? I'll have to ask my dad, he still has my first gear in a box somewhere. I haven't seen it for a long time.
Fished Puget Sound with gear from the time I was old enough to sit in a boat ( about 2) and then when I was fourteen we took a week trip upto Lake Hihium BC. From that point on I was addicted to flyfishing.
Late 60's early 70's in Utah on the small creek that ran by our ranch. 8"-10" rainbows all day long. I still fish it when in the area and it is still good fun. Got serious after highschool and spent quite a bit of time in the Island Park ID area and Yellowstone. Been hooked ever since.


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Tiny trout streams in southeast and northeast washington. Eager little bows and brookies that were hard to keep off the line. Its easy to become a trout bum on those waters and I fell for it...hard.

Kyle Smith

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(Red Lodge) Rock Creek, Montana(age 12). Caught a 6" brookie and a 10" westslope on a grey hackle peacock, after hiking 5 miles into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. My mom caught here first trout on a fly there the next summer. Then I moved on to the Bighorn, where those piggish browns and rainbows skunked me about 8 times before I landed a 6lb rainbow on a woolhead sculpin.
Ford Fenders introduced me to flyfishing on the upper Skykomish on a hot summer day about 3 years ago, shortly after I relocated here from St. Louis. I was amazed at the beauty of that river that day as I had never seen anything like it before. Before that all I ever knew of was bass/crappie/catfish fishing in lakes in the midwest.