Swap Tax Day 20 and Under Swap

Swap is Full

It's almost that time of year again. The late night figuring, the click of calculator keys, searching for this schedule or that form. Wait! This is the computer generation. You folks got all that stuff done and filed electronically.

How about adding to the stress in your life by getting in on a Size 20 and Under fly swap. Any type fly, dry, wet, emerger, classic Atlantic Salmon, your choice, as long as it's tied on a size 20 or smaller hook. Limit is 12 tiers, open to everyone. Flies are due to me (in my hand, not in the mail) by April 15th. Please toe tag your flies, ship them in a suitable container and provide a self addressed, stamped envelope or a couple bucks to take care of the return trip. Any Takers?

Send flies to:
Ron Eagle Elk
8717 Whitewood Loop SE
Yelm, WA 98597

1. REE - Flies are in.
2. Daryle Holmstrom - Flies are in.
3. Yuhina - Flies are in.
4. DDS - Flies are in.
5. Ned - Flies are in.
6. Steve S - Flies are in
7. Marty - Flies are in.
8. MT Hikes - Flies are in.
9. James Mello
10. seanengman - Flies are in.
11. Nova - Flies are in.
12. Warren Perry - Flies are in.
Daryle, Glad to have you in this one. Nah, trout don't need glasses, but I need a magnifyer to tie these on a tippet. But, Man, do they ever work nice.