Anyone fish these lakes?

My friend and I are looking for a lake to fish this weekend in NW washington. My mother in law, who lives in Mt. Vernon will babysit my son overnight. Pass is always an option, however I'd love to try some place new. Anyone ever fish Squalicum lake outside Bellingham? I also read Arrowhead lake is FF only, but I can't find it on a map or in the state reg. pamphlet. Is it private? I'm willing to drive anywhere within an hour of Mt. Vernon. Any suggestions?:confused:


Indi "Ira" Jones
Squalicum is a fun little lake with mostly willing fish. Most of the fish are smallish, but there are some up to 13" to 14" browns in there as well.

You have to hike about a 1/4 mile in though, and there is no shore access for fishing.

I hit Squalicum Saturday morning until the wind won. The fish were active and it was fun. It is common to get a lot of wind through the valley there. If you are bringing a pontoon, have a wheel. I bought a fish cat (thanks dan!) off of the classifieds just for this lake. I carried my pontoon in last year and that is too much like work. Stripping streamers seems to work the best for me.