Anyone fish Pass Lake Lately??


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
Yeah, check my photo gallery. Please feel free to comment on how big and beautiful the fish is.
That was two weeks ago and a lot of people were catching smaller rainbows(I think it was recently planted, but I didnt' see anything on the WDFW page about this)


Be the guide...
I was there this recent weekend. Fishing was hot from first light to about 8:30. Lots of little browns and bows to hand (mostly on chironomids). Then the winds came through...
Hi Bill,
If the weather report for Thurs stays same, timing will be very similar to what Chad experienced. If you're more of a mid-dayer, your odds go way down. You'll get another window about 6:30 can hit fish all day, but there's a big difference in strike frequency depending on time of day. I've been leaning toward a leech w/ dropper setup lately (lighter colored leech is drawing more of a reaction right now...wht or even flesh; dropper can be your favorite nymph..doesn't matter). About 2/3 of mine are hitting the leech lately. Don't be bashful about putting it deep...if you're hitting the occasional weed or stump you're spot-on. Anyhow that's what I'm using currently...I think if you're able to locate them when active they'll hit whatever. I like that setup & depth lately since I'm hitting almost zero small ones...nearly 100% are 20+ range. If you're dying for browns, try something a little different. I'm seeing nice sized rainbows but very few browns.

Anyhow that's what's working in my case, and lately I've been going often. You should see some more guys weighing in with other ideas...pick your favorite. I know plenty of fellas are also nailing 'em on chronies if you know what you're doing with those. I'd say timing and putting yourself (and your wife) on 'em when they're active is the biggest thing.

Way cool that your wife goes.....Have a great time! :beer2:

Bill Dodd

Bill's in a time out.
Thanks a million Guys.
Your help will boost my conifdence level.
We will try to show up at Pass as early as we can.
I have not fished pass in a year as we have been spending our time floating the Yakima, and we all know how that is looking right now.

Thanks again.
Bill Dodd.