Pass Lake report

Ryan Francis

Pass was good to me again, 9 fish by 11am, all fish on secret weapon(chironomid), bigger fish than
last sunday. On another note why do people have to spend 1/2 hour or more at the boat launch
getting there boat ready?. Common courtesy to me would be, to have your stuff ready then launch
your boat. Am I wrong?


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Hit Pass as well on Sunday...typically don't fish Pass or any other lakes, but my father was in town and willing to whip a line around, and Pass seemed to be the only decent choice.

Trolled the edge of shore with wolley buggers and a few different minnow patterns, managed to hook up with a nice 16" bow near the bend on the west side. Fished the north end of lake to stay out of the "pack" by the boat launch...however, the wind had other plans for we moved back to the protected south side.

Finally decided to try chromo ADD normally resists this technique, but it seemed to be working for most people. Rigged up what I thought was the correct setup, watched a somebody nearby for the technique...shrugged my shoulders and plunked my bobber and 10' or more of line out and began the starring contest. Gave it a good 60 seconds before my ADD kicked in and asked my friend in a 'toon'..."what exactly am I supposed to be doing with this?" and not more than a second after the word "this" my indicator deep sixed! Battled a nice 18" bow for a few minutes...good medicine for ADD!

Needless to say hooked into another 18" fish and wrapped up the day (litterally) with a 21" bow that took a good 4-5 minutes to coax in and get unwrapped from the anchor line.
I have a hard time chrony fishin' myself. You're a worm short of fishin' off the dock with a cooler at your feet. I find minnow patterns to work fairly consitently at Pass. However I did see one guy last year catch at LEAST 15 fish in an hour chronny fishin' 20 yards off the launch. That kind of success might change my outlook. Anyone here use a Fish Cat with an anchor setup?
Ryan Francis is the KIng of the chronys. Ryan its nice to see you out of the closet and using your God given name on here. Was wondering when I could score a few of those special flys you use. Also
I was at pass this morning from 0darkthirty till 7:30 NO ACTION on chronys or black bugger. north wind was colder than ---- well you get the picture.


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I was at Pass Lake yesterday too, fished the last few hours of daylight. Pretty slow for me as far as big fish were concerned. I landed one big 'bow and hooked several of the recently stocked dinks. Not a bad day; warm when the sun was out, nice to be on the water, better than work.