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Can anyone clarify trout season for me? In the past there's always been a trout season starting in spring and ending in fall but the current pamphlet says trout season is open all year (except certain species). What's the dilly-o?
It's trout the species that is open year round .. depending on where you fish for them. There are some rivers like the Mid-fork Snoq. that are open year round and some lakes like Pass and Lone lakes that are also open year round.

What you may be thinking of is most rivers are currently closed until June 1st and lot's of lake are not open until the last Sat. in April. You just have get to know and hate the WDFW Reg pamplet :confused: like the rest of us WFF'rs. I don't know it well enough but I can dredge my way through it.

Also, if you're willing to wait for a reply, there is an email address somewhere in the reg's. I asked questions twice and got very nice responses with clear answers both times.

Or ... if you can take the heat ... ask a direct question on this board. You'll probably get some very good answers along with some flack :beathead: telling you to read the pamplet.

Good Luck!:rofl:


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Ditto Randy, good reply. It's difficult to answer generalized questions like this one in our state. My best suggestion is this; after choosing the lake or stream you want to fish, look it up in the regs and read what the seasons/limits are for the species you are targeting. Also pay attention to any special instructions for that body of water. You'll get the hang of it with a little practice.
For fresh water there are general regs and there are special regs. Read the general regs first. You can memorize most of that stuff. Then check the special regs for the body of water you want to fish. If not listed under special regs then general regs apply.
The definitions page is also a pretty good read. There you can learn about delightful terms like, "Non Bouyant Lure Restriction" and "Selective Gear Rules".
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Laivindil, everyone is right - there are no easy answers. I keep 4 copies of the regs: one in the car, one at work, one on the coffee table and one next to the bed (for those middle of the night inspirations).

For any body of water, be sure to read the general regs, the special rules on that river/lake (if there are any), the definitions for the meaning of terms and lastly check the WDFW website for changes to the regs/rules. If there are changes to the regs, like special openings, closures, etc. I print them out and put them in the car...I figure even if I misinterpreted something I might get points for trying!

Takes a bit of research and time to figure it all out but it kind of makes sense after a while. :confused:

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There are some rivers like the Mid-fork Snoq. that are open year round and some lakes like Pass and Lone lakes that are also open year round.
Lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are open year round UNLESS they are specifically listed as closed. The fact that Washingtonions like to refer to the last Saturday in April as the "General Lake Opener" doesn't help. It's more of a lake exception opener since there are a lot more lakes open year round than those that close.

See page 28 of the regs.
Cool, thanks guys. That's what I was looking for. I was reading the pamphlet at work (slow shift) and wasn't finding the lake I was looking for. After I uncrossed my eyes I figured ya'll would know.
Old Man,

It's like learning a new language, once you learn it, it's very easy and you wonder why it took so long to understand it. If you don't understand the language and are trying to learn, it can be confusing.:confused:

You know the regs and they are easy for you, it's not so easy for some of those trying to understand them at first.

You are the master of the reg's!!:ray1: