Boat Storage w/ 24hour access?


Joe from PA
Does anyone have any recommendations on a storage facility (uncovered is fine) w/ 24 hour access in the Seattle/Everett area? I know Dagmars offers it but they are quoting over $170/ month for a 16' boat. :eek: Thanks
I looked for 24 hour access and coudn't find it with a reasonable price, so i gave up. i pay $65.00/month for a 25' stall uncovered and it's open from 5:00am till 11:00pm 7 days a week in carnation.
best i could find. i live in duvall so it's pretty convenient. you could call the lavro shop in monroe...they seemed pretty laid back, although i don't remember their hours. the price was about the same, but it's further away the wrong way.
Try Jacobson's in Ballard. There is also a new storage facility still being completed just to the east of Gasworks. They have the racks up but are not quite ready for operation. Sorry but I don't know the name of the place, I just know that it is huge after driving past.

Will Atlas

I store mine at the UW water front activity center for like 20 bucks a month. I'm a student so its extra cheap but I know alums and possibly others store boats there. Its 24 hours and no frills.