What's the latest on the Eastside Lakes?

I haven't seen any recent reports on Lenore or Lenice in a while and was just wondering if anyone has had any luck on them in the past week or so?

I was thinking about heading up to one of them this Friday and would like to go somewhere productive.

I talked to guys who fished both of them the end of last week and the reports were not good. This spring seems like every other spring...one day the fishing is hot and the next day it stinks. They could be fishing well again by now.


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I would expect things to be a little slower this weekend. Last week, we had very warm weather with warm nights. The days and nights are much colder this week; I've had frost at my house every morning this week.
I fished both Lenore and Dry Falls fist week of April (spring break for me) and it was Slow! The weather was very chilly and winds made it even chillier. I did pick up three at Rocky Ford, one went 24 inches.

I think we need some more warm weather to get it right.

Lenore is not worth your time in the wind. I don't know where the fish go, but they are hard to catch.

Dry Falls has not been that good from what I have heard the last few years.

Lenice and Nunley will be good bets this weekend.
:beathead: Slow start, just like last year. Colder weather and several storm fronts have the fish sulking and feeding intermittently. A week of sunny weather will cure this. I am heading out Sunday to find the hot spot. Will keep the board advised.:beer2:
I was at Lenore yesterday. I agree with the statement about the wind; as soon as it picks up the fish seem to leave. I managed one, but I talked to somebody on shore who said the guy next to him caught six in about an hour or two on a black chironomid with copper ribbing.
Contrary to the last report, I fished Dusty on Wednesday and did OK. 9 or 10 fish mostly 15" to 16" on a bloodworm (bionic) pattern. We only found feeding fish in one small cove (and not the spawners trying to build redds near the short trail putin).