Yak report for 1-24

Fished around milepost 18 today from 12:15 until 2:15. It was a prefect spring day for the middle of winter. Occasional sun, no wind, air temp 38-40 degrees and the water was 37 degrees. Good clarity. No fish rising when I started so I swung a wooly bugger and caught one 14” rainbow. It took the bugger right at the end of the swing just as I started a slow retrieve. It was in water that was about 3’ deep and right on the seam of the slow/fast water.

I saw a few fish downstream of where I caught the 1st fish slowly rising and sipping little midges. Switched rods to one that was strung up with a Griffith’s gnat (size 18). Targeted a rising fish, which hit the fly on the second cast, caught and landed (12” rainbow). Just downstream of that about 10 yards caught and landed his cookie cutter brother. There was a guy fishing upstream of me and I watched him hook and land 5-6 fish in the same time. He looked to be nymphing.

Steve Joyce from Red’s drove by and said he was headed down to the Lmuma access site and did I want to come along with him. We both tossed streamers for about and hour or so and each had a couple of hits but no fish to hand (I had one LDR). Only saw a few bugs out but there were a few fishing taking the occasional fish off the top. Too far to walk back to switch rods and I had to call it a day as I had to meet up with friends in Yakima.


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I tried a little fishing up in the canyon yesterday, since it was nice and sunny, and would rather be fishing than watching football. Snow still clinging to the rim of the canyon. Water just a half foot higher and a little green, warmed up to 40F. Today it's really blown so I just beat the flood. But it was real slow. The olive skulpin that was so hot around the end of December has cooled off. I tried deep nymphing and just lost a bunch of flies. I tried some buggers. I tried indicator nymphing and just got all tangled up and still lost flies on the bottom. Couldn't nymph up any whitefish. Twice I saw some risers and switched over to a Griffiths gnat, but they weren't buying it. I didn't seen any duns, but there were chironomids and some terrestrials flying. I did have a nice hookup on a skulpin zonker, so I guess that fly still wins. I shoulda just stayed with it.

Still it was a nice day to be out. Nothing broke and nothing happened to add to Bob Lawless' thread on mortality and morbidity, this forum's version of Outdoor Life's "This Happened to me". (I did fall in again this previous weekend on Hood River, but it is hardly worth mentioning.)

I did catch the end of the game. It seemed strange to me that when the cameras turned to the cheerleaders, all I was thinking about was all the flash flies I could tie with one of those pom-poms. Is that normal?