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I will be heading out to the peninsula this weekend to test out my new spey rod, and was hoping to get some info on places and/or rivers to hit. I will be camping so anywhere that is near a campground would be helpful as well.
Thank you
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I fished the Quinault (above the lake) on Saturday with no luck. Beautiful scenery and plenty of camping, but no fish. The river is very low and clear. Probably not what you want to hear. Good luck.
There were a lot of fisherman on the point at fort flagler on marrowstone island. They were doing pretty well, but they were using spinners and cut herring from shore. I did not bring my flyrod, but I think that you could do well with some type of baitfish imitation. There is camping there also I believe.

They come into shore quite close here, as the current coming around the point into admiralty inlet come close to shore also. It is fishing in the salt though. Don't know if that is what you wanted or not.


steve s

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thanks for the info, i'll probably drive by and check those spots out, but i am looking for river fishing. i heard that there were some fish running up the elwah, so i'll check that out as well. i was hoping for a bit of rain before i leave and actually thought that i would get it, but todays weather report said differently. we just need a bit of rain to get the fish into the river systems.
thanks again for the info.
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