Going to Pass Lake Tomorrow

I'm planning on going to Pass Lake near Deception Pass tomorrow and was wondering if any one has any advice on what to fish. I have read mixed reports on how the fishing can be there and at times I find fishing chronomids to be very boring.
:hmmm: Any help would be great.


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Make sure you take some leeches, black or purple or red. Gold cone on the heads work great either trolled or cast. Haven't been in a couple weeks but make sure you have an adult chironomid imitation. Like a lady McConnell.
If you aren't into chrono fishin'...maroon buggers(especially at night) use long, slow strips and keep it shallow. I've had great sucess with a silver zonkers as well.
Thanks for the Info-
I just got back and it was a great day on the lake. I got onto the water about 7:30am and had landed a rainbow within ten minutes. I was catching fish off an on all day long until around 1:00 when it seemed to slow way down. I caught fish (all rainbow trout) on leaches and buggers and two on chronomids. I paddled in at one point to run up and use the restroom and when I was getting back into my pontoon boat I just about stepped on a rainbow that was at the base of my boat. I grabbed my rod and dropped an olive bead head woolly bugger right in front of it and WHAM. I was able to grab my net and get it to shore. All fish were released and swam off fine. Pass Lake was great today. Also as I was leaving I watched three other guys enter the water and one of them hooked up a trout fishing what must have been a chronomid with a strike indicator.
Good day Great Lake!
Hey Big O,
Glad to see you had a great day on the lake. I was up there about a month ago, and had a similar day, (without the trout under my boat). I used a Black leech and trolled it all over that lake. Matter of fact I went completly around the lake, and caught fish all day long. I do have a question for you though. What were the conditions of lake? When I was there the water looked very murky.(algea)
Last year it got pretty bad, it was like pea soup. the fishing shut down pretty quick after that. What kind of sizes of fish did you catch?
Let us all know, Because we all want to go before the summer warms the water and we have to fish deep.
Yes you are right the water was very murky, not the worst but in spots the algae was getting bad. The weather was clear with morning fog that never quite burnt off and very little wind. The lake was like glass and at times there were a few ripples from the wind. All the fish were 12 or better and two looked like hold over including the one I caught next two my pontoon boat. Also there was lots of gnats flying just above the water, I saw many rises and believe fish were feeding on these fallen bugs. Also when entering the water there were large schools of small fish 1''-2'' long swimming around in the gravel. What they were I don't know.

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When I was there the water looked very murky.(algea)
Last year it got pretty bad, it was like pea soup. the fishing shut down pretty quick after that. /QUOTE]

More than likely the lake was turning over. It will be murky with the algea broken up. The fishing will shut down until the turn over is complete and it should fire with all cylinders. Turnover will probably in most cases last about a couple of weeks.