Cedar River Report


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Hey brotha, I totaly believe that fish is 24 inches. Pics can be decieving. I landed a 22.5 inch bow on the upper yak and some ass made a comment that it is more like 17 inches. I measured the f'n thing my self with tape. It sucks when people can't simply appreciate a good fishing report. Playa haters.


Will Atlas

question...why does it matter how big the fish was. It was a toad by cedar standard and thats what matters....that being said, I dont think it was 24 inches. I've measured alot of summer run steelhead that dont even hit 24 inches so unless decked is 6'6'' I'm skeptical. We all get excited about catching biy fish, and we all exaggerate, nothing wrong with that, its part of the sport and part of the fun

PS- Zen you shouldve caught that fish 8 months ago ;)


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Great report, Jason. It's good to hear that the Cedar is in shape and fishing well while the summer steelhead rivers are blown out.


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You would think or it seems like it that the Cedar river is the only stream with trout in it in Western Washington. Doesn't anybody fish anyplace else??? I guess I could skip this thread but you all build up J.D. like he's a god or something.

This POst is not to be taken seriously. Because it was written by an grouchy Old Man.



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JD isn't a god. He's a yuppie fly fisherman who has put in his time and paid his dues fishing the Cedar. I think it's cool that he's found quality trout fishing (assuming you can ignore the hillbilly hatch I was reading about) in a basically urban setting and shares stories about it here. What could be wrong with that?

I guess the main thing is that you have to wear good quality wading boots cuz there's almost as much broken beer bottle glass as there are river rocks.

Don't worry. We know you're a grouch. We don't take you seriously.

OMJ...i think a lot of it has to do with the convenient close-by location of the river.
but you also have to get around the homeless people on the river banks too, besides the hillbilly hatch.
not all it's cracked up to be IMHO, not into the local scenery.

Mike Etgen

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Don't worry. We don't take you seriously.

Actually, I take Jim very seriously. To me, he's a reminder of all I aspire to be when I get older - loveable in an argumentative, opinionated, cranky sort of way.

Of course, my wife threatens me with the Kevorkian treatment when I talk that way...:eek:

Just kiddin' ya, Jim - hope your wellspring of wisdom never runs dry. :thumb: