Newaukum creek

Hello to all! I know most of the rivers are blown,But I am doing a job on 169 Enumclaw.on my way home my buddy said there is big trout in this creek![Newaukum creek] does anyone know anything about this? I know most of it is farmland! it looked pretty decent! any info would be excellent! thanks, bye! :beer2

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

Just curious as to where you are seeing this creek at. It is not near Enumclaw it is farther South down by Chehalis. And yes it is a river not a creek and it is open till the 31st of March. Just thought I would add a little .

There are cuts and bows in there. The only bummer is that there is little to no access (99.9% private land) and lots of blackberrys. There seems to be alot of run off from the dairy farms and that kinda screws up the water. I would not go out of your way to fish this stream but if you go this spring bring your 6'fly rod, good luck! :D
I dont know!.I am thinking of knocking on a farm owners door! maybe for a fee he will let me in! or maybe a couple beers!! :beer1
No,this is off 400th in south King County!! Near Enumclaw! Yes there is a Newaukum river.But there is also a Newaukum creek!!:professor
You, My freind, are the only one who can give me advice on this creek!! Thank you!! I am hoping I might be able to bribe my way in with a beer!! Ha-Ha!!
Beer is great and you can get it a place called the "mint" in Enumclaw it is smoke free and lots of the good stuff on tap. Your friend said there are "big fish" is there, I guess that size must be realative to a stream that you can jump accrost. I have seen some salmon in there. Most of the fish you will catch will be those shakey pretty little costal cuts.:7
The mint-HUH!! Is that where you hang out? Isnt that right down town? with the famous burgers? as far as the big fish!, I dont know I am listening to my buddy!But I am willing to give it a shot!! What the xoxo. All the others are blown!!If the Mint is where you go,Maybe I will run into youy there! then we can both try it!! Huh? Let me know!! johnny!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

Well if there is a creek there. It is not listed in the "regs". And if it ain't listed it ain't open until June 1. Talk about it all you want but you can't fish it. Well you can if you want,but that is called poaching.

I fished Newaukum Creek one day about 3 years ago, but as I remember the only fish I saw and caught were about 7" or less. At the end of the day, I decided it probably wasn't worth the effort in the future. The section I fished was from the bridge on 212th downstream a couple of hundred yards. I believe the Creek enters the Green River within about 1/2 mile from the spot I fished.

I'd be interested to get a fishing report if/when you go.

I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!
The Mint is indeed a great place to go! I grew up alongside Newaukum Creek on the Enumclaw Plateau and used to ride my bike down to the local fishin' holes to catch "lunkers" about six inches long. Of course, every once in a while someone would catch a huge fish and take it home to mom and everyone would stare in disbelief and say "you caught that in Newaukum Creek?" I realize now that it was an occasional Steelhead making its way up the creek. That's probably were the "huge fish in that creek" reputation came from. In fact, the first day my baby brother rode down to the creek with a "fly" rod in the mid seventies to try it out, (He was about 10 years old, with a new Eagle Claw fiberglass rod) he came home with about a 28" trout! - or so we thought. I remember thinking, there must be something to this flyfishing stuff! Anyhow, it is a pretty little creek and it does get a lot of runoff from the dairy farms in the area. It runs a nice brown color during high runoff events. The water quality has improved over the years though. I think the mid-puget sound fisheries enhancement group does some restoration work on it. Good luck!
It is really neat to hear your tales on Newaukum creek. Eight years ago I caught a summer run steelie in there, I was really amazed to actually land, she was not very big but super bright. I still fish there in the hopes that might happen agian and dream that there are more like her in that little stream. :thumb
I myself have never fished it!.but would really like to! will let you all know when I go out.that is if it is open! take care!!:smokin