3.5 tip top on GLX 8wt?

Am I missing something? The tip diameter on my GLX 8wt blank is 3.5. I would prefer a large loop tip top for this rod, but the only tips I have found in that diameter are "standard" in size. I tried a 4, but that is too big. Any idea what tips GL uses for its factory rods?
The shop advised me to build up the diameter of the tip with thread and epoxy, then fit the rod with and oversized tip top (say a 4.0 or 4.5 that actually comes with a larger loop). :confused:


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If I'm not mistaken, which I likely am, Batson enterprises offers a large loop tip top in a 3.5. You might also try Pac Bay for one. Call Jimmy LeMert at Patrick's Fly shop in Seattle for Pac Bay items. Hope this helps.

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Wow, a 3.5 seems really skinny for a 8wt...must be a really sensitive tip on that rod. If you used single foot running guides, what about mounting a singlefoot at the tip top? I know a lot of folks do that - but it might not appeal to you if you are looking for that traditional metal sleeve tip top look. I don't think Pac Bay or Batson offer these tips, but you could always try calling. Batson is a great business to deal with.
Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't looked at Batsons, but it appears they too only have large loop tip tops in size 4 and beyond. http://www.batsonenterprises.com/components/tiptop-fly.php
I tried casting my 8wt versitip line through a standard loop on another rod, which just confirmed for me that I would really prefer a large loop diameter for this rod. I agree, it seems crazy that this tough-stick of a rod can't be easily fitted with a large loop. The Loomis guide spacing webpage suggests guides in size 5 and 6, but says nothing about the tip top they use.

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So what’s wrong with building the tip up with coat of thread and using a size 4 oversized tip? I might even try a little wrap of masking tape. I would prefer a 4 rather than a 4.5 to make the transition to the blank less abrupt. I’d also try to get a snug fit without epoxy.

I expect if I was working with a $300 + blank I’d want everything perfect. (Disclaimer: I’m at work on my fourth rod and have never paid over $100 for a blank – and I’m no expert.)

For what it’s worth, there is an interesting anecdote from “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” about a guy with a BMW bike. The handle bars keep slipping and his buddy who rides a Harley says just use your tin snips and cut a couple of shims out of an aluminum beer can, insert them between the handlebars and the housing, tighten it up and no more slippage. The BMW owner has a problem with fixing his beautiful and expensive machine with a beer can.

Sounds to me like you’re on the right track by test casting the rod and deciding which tip is better for performance. I’d go from there. Take your time and think about it and a more elegant solution may come to you.
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I bet wraps under the tip top would work, but it’s odd (and slightly annoying) to me that I would have to consider a tip-top-jury-rig for this blank. Anyhow, I called around and talked to some helpful people (at Patrick’s, Anglers', Pac Bay, and REC). Apparently, Perfection (but no other companies that I could find) makes a large loop 3.5. It is not listed in the REC catalog, but REC just bought Perfection, and has their entire line available - just call and ask for my new best friend, Dan!


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Call up Loomis and find out what they use. If they use an oversized tip on that rod, maybe you could buy one from them.


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From the latest Batson catalog I just got, there is a black large loop tip top in 3.5. It's called the BLFTL D.B.C. Double Black Chrome plated Large Loop (pg 43) $1.13
Thanks, I just ordered a Batson catalog. BTW the response I got from Loomis customer service is "We do use a size 4.0 tip top on our factory built rods. LCFTL 4.0." LG Mix, I suppose they take the Harley driver approach to life over there at Loomis.

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this begs the question, how snug are you expecting the tip top to be? There's nothing wrong with a *little* play as it's going to be where the glue goes. If it's sliding on snug with no wiggle room, then you're probably trying to put on too tight a tip top.....
The 4.0 I ordered didn't just have a little play - it was sloppy-loose. It would have required me to build up the tip diameter otherwise it probably would have dried at a funny little tilt. To me that is too loose.

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
The 4.0 I ordered didn't just have a little play - it was sloppy-loose. It would have required me to build up the tip diameter otherwise it probably would have dried at a funny little tilt. To me that is too loose.
Hmmmm... that sucks... When you ordered the blank what was the tip top size that it was supposed to be? If it was 4.0, I'd send it back....