Klickitat River

Scott Behn

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Just to let y'all know I'll be heading over the hill tomorrow to the inlaws and will be doing some fishing on the Klickitat. I'll give a report when I get back Sunday evening.
That's right. Only Whitefish are legal right now. I'd recommend picking up a day license for Oregon and crossing the Columbia to the Hood River.

Scott Behn

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I have to get something that swims on the end of my leader. Snags aren't taking care of my fish fix right now and that is all I've been getting lately. I just like to fly fish, don't really care whether it's steelies, or salmon or even whitefish. Don't even have to catch a damn thing just as long as I get out of the house and into the water, but right now I need to catch something so I don't feel that I've been skunked for the winter season.:reallymad
I would appreciate more information on Hood River, since I'll be in Skamania for several days at the end of the month looking for places to fish. Does it have good access? Does it fish well with a 2-handed rod? How's the run shaping up this year? Send e-mail to pagepless@msn. com if you can share more and you'd rather not post Thanks for your help.

Paul Huffman

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Access on Hood River is almost too easy. Most drive up 35 from the four way about 300 yards to a road on the right leading down to the power plant and walk up from there. Seems to me you could go downstream from there too, if you can get across the river. Going upstream, you can follow the trail over a power tunnel bridge, or the railroad tracks. If you walk up the west side of the river, you get a good drift on a deep pool, but something down there snagged 4 of my flies, and from there you get cliffed out and can't go any farther upstream. I fished it for the first time in January. Because I didn't know where I was going on the river, I tried a short cut across and topped over my waders, cutting my first day short. Fished a run above the bridge from the railroad tracks side, and wished I was speying because of the trees above and behind me. Locals were speying, overheading, and bait chucking. I saw some tired spawned out wretched fish. Locals said it was a bit early and that the spring months pick up. I got checked by the purtiest creel checker I ever saw.

The staff at the Gorge Fly Shop were helpful. They told me there is also access off Tucker Road at the power tunnel intake, but that place is dominated by bait chuckers.


If you are that close to the Deschutes, why not go on over? I have had fabulous nymph fishing that time of year with some days seeming almost like I was fishing a hatchery. Miles of easy access and very few hearties out on the water, especially midweek. Contact the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop for more info and flow conditions. The Hood River area can be a little snotty weather-wise but usually the drive out onto the desert exposes you to sunshine-always welcome this time of year. Write if you need more encouragement! Ive