Lost Lake Bass Report (maltby)

Fished lost lake yesterday between 7pm and 9:40pm. At first I went right after coming out of the boatluanch and was using a green frog popper pattern i managed one bite on that side of the lake for about an hour, i even switched to a crawdad pattern but still had no hookups, so i put my frog pattern back on and kicked to the otheir side of the lake,i fished the popper in overhanging brush, by docks, at snags and openings in the lillys, I caught and released 9 small bass ranging in size from between 6 and 10 inches, and i missed probably about 6.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
The Bass in that lake,were they secretly introduced ? It used to be that it was a good trout lake with a few big ones thrown in.

I've never seen a big trout caught out of lost lake, or a big bass, i think their all fish storys,:hmmm: I'm thinking about hitting up Lake Tye for bass next, any one ever fish it for bass? I've scouted the lake in the winter and i think the far side away from the boatlaunch might have some bass, i've also seen a dead one on the shore/
Tiny Bass and pumpkinseed are what you'll find there warmwater wise. There may be the odd trip or stocker RB floating around. On nice hot sunny days there is the occasional bikini hatch though. I've only fished it twice so I may be a bit off. It's hard to find time to fish it with better water close by.
Swandazi - I caught this trout late this spring at lost on a water boatman pattern. The big fish are there...

Last year I also saw some guy catch a huge bass, about the size of my trout but much fatter.