2nd Chance At Lenore

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by JMitchell, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Fortuitously I was unexpectedly given the day off. I decided to try and redeem myself at Lenore...wise choice.

    Arrived at 1pm, nobody home. Had it all to myself entire day, 1 spin fisher from shore throwing spoons.

    If you look closely, you can see what the "money" fly was, no big surprise. I apologize for lack of creativity with pics, hard to do much more with one hand for the fish and one for the camera.

    I want to give a kudos to Pentax also. Dropped my Optio waterproof digital camera in the lake. I knew this would happen some day, today was the day. Underwater in 4-5ft deep for 5 minutes before I could snag it with the butt end of my rod. Still working like a charm, no damage to memory card!

    Fish were strong. One colored up male in the pics with jacked up face put up quite the fight, almost took me into backing-not quite though. Great day.

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  2. Thank you for the report and pictures. I drive by that lake to fish other ponds in the area, but am always intimidated by the size and wind. Looks like you played the chironimid game well and brought in some lunkers. Jealousy exudes.
  3. Thanks for the report. I'll probably head over with my 4 year old son tomorrow and give it a try from shore.
  4. Good old black and red, now bring on the crowds.
  5. I see a trip in my future on Monday.
  6. Ira-

    That is why I hit this early, or on days that are windy or cold, NEVER on a friday or saturday. I do my best to try and avoid the horde.

  7. Wow! Nicely done & gorgeous fish. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I haven't fished Lenore in a couple years, and having a report like this make me wonder why it has been so long.
    There have been a couple times on the north end when the combat fishing was just ridiculous. I even tried moving away from the crowd one year, but every time I caught a few fish the entire armada came over and joined me again. I couldn't get away. I moved two or three times, always caught fish, and within a couple minutes also had 10 of my closest friends within 15 feet of me. Haven't been back since. If there are people there, you just have to go into it with the right frame of mind, or it will be miserable, even if you are catching a bunch of fish. If you do this it can be a lot of fun. You jsut generally don't go to Lenore for the pristine, solitude, relaxed fishing experience.
    Looks like you timed it just right for the catching and avoiding the crowds. Nice looking fish.
  9. On behalf of us wet-siders, thanks for the report.
  10. Mike-

    you are exactly right. Frame of mind makes a big difference. If you expect to have a 100 yard buffer and a clear backcast, you will be extremely dissapointed most days. I usually go into Lenore expecting crowds, but that is part of the game. If i luck out and have it to myself, I just consider it a blessing.

    I hate that when guys move in once you catch a couple of fish, but come to expect it anymore. It is unlike any other place I fish, with 10-20 guys fishing the same 50 square ft of water at times. But again, the pay off is many times lots of big fish...If you don't go insane first.

  11. Jarron, you have the right mind-set for fishing Lenore!:)
    Glad you had one of the days where fishing and crowds cooperated!
  12. I might be a touch certifiable, but I kind off like the crowds. Attitude there is key. I have some great Lenore stories, but one of my favorites involves a guy and some very large rocks thrown my way.

    I might make it over again some day.
  13. Damn Ira, don't leave us hanging. Sounds like a good story. I don't/won't fish in those crowded conditions.My friend drove by Lenore the other weekend and asked me why thirty guys would flyfish so crowded together. I couldn't give him a rational explanation, as there really is none.
  14. I have to agree with trip!
  15. Pardon my ignorance but what is it about this lake that creates such crowds in small spaces? Is it small? Is there only select spots where the fish hang out? Never been there so I'm trying to wrap my mind around it.

    Great report
  16. No it is big lake, but the crowds are generally on the north end, which does narrow to almost a small cove. Also, the the fish seem to pod up. At times you can even see a large group all swimming together. If you catch one, you will probably catch a bunch. So in the fairly narrow north end, when one person catches a fish everyone swarms to that spot. Pretty humorous. Especially when one person leaves, catches a few, and everyone moves over to the new "hot spot" and at times circles up to fish over a small area where they think the fish are podding up.
  17. Not too many folks today or yesterday. Surprising for a weekend. Just about had to call it due to the 30+ mph gust this morning but I'm glad we stuck it out. Great day!
  18. Nice job JM.

    way to redeem yourself!

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