2x6 swap - Alpine Lake Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Wildlander, May 8, 2005.

  1. Dropped mine in the Mail this morning, so you should get them by mid week next week.
  2. Update Re: 2x6 swap - Alpine Lake Swap

    Trevor's flies are in. So we have three sets including mine.
  3. I thought I had sent them however I was cleaning up and found them sitting by the door last night. I will get them in the mail this afternoon, you should have them but tuesday at the latest.
  4. So what address are we sending these babies to? I can't seem to find one on this thread. Or was it in an email from a while back?

  5. Just to let folks know. I have a medical emergency. I am going to Yakima today but do not know what will happen. I wish this was a joke but it is not. I will still try to get the flies shipped by the 20th... but I have not tied mine yet and may return two of your flies instead.

  6. I've been sitting on 9 flies forever. I'll definitely finish the last 3 today and ship. They should arrive on Wed, if not Thur for sure.

    Wildlander -Sorry to hear about the medical emergency. Hope all turns out

    Icanfly -Yeah, he emailed it. If you still need the address let me know & I can forward it to you.
  7. Wildlander,

    If you cant tie up any flies go ahead and keep the ones I send you, I dont need them back as I have plenty of them.

    Best wishes, hope everything works out for the best.
  8. Thanks cm, but I figured it out. Good luck with your situation Wildlander.

  9. Wildlander,
    Do what you got to do. Family and situations like this come first. Get the stuff out when you can. I'm in no hurry. Best of wishes to you. Hope the outcomes are favorable.
  10. iagree

    What he said!
  11. BTW, in the rush to get my flies out on time last week, I didn't put toe-tags on my flies, which is something I usually do. Anyway, mine are the Griffiths Gnat attempts from Chris Brown, AKA -CMtundra. C'ya
  12. Well, I had a pleasant surprise in the mail today. These are some seriously nice flies guys & I will definitely put them to good use very soon! Ken, thanks for getting these out and putting this together. Hope all is well. C'ya on the river! :beer2:
  13. Got mine on Monday too. Great bunch of flies! There's a few I've never seen before which is really nice. Thanks everybody. :beer2:
  14. Mine are on the mantle. I should have got all your signatures. Ha!

  15. I hope everyone has their flies by the end of the week. If not, give me a hollar.

  16. Apparently the mail lost the flies going to Fly'nDutchman. Will send him my set.

    Let me know if anyone else missed there's.

  17. Got my flies. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. Thought I emailed you they arrived. Look great. They are in my box heading for greyling land tomorrow, or should I say today. Thanks for hosting the swap. If you already sent them, I'll send them back. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:It is the sculpin swap I'm waiting on now.

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