3/13 yak report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tyler, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. tyler

    tyler Member

    stuck some nice fish on the yak yesterday. all on drys. got one really nice fish in the morning prospecting with a big skwala pattern. had to be pushing 18 inches. then later in the day i happened upon a pod of fish actively feeding on the surface. a small parachute adams was the answer. had 'em for about 90 minutes. all nice fish in the 14-16" range. fiesty, too. lots of midges around and a few BWOs. could it be spring?

  2. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    Thanks Tyler.
  3. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    what holes and sections of the river did you fish? were you wading? or drifting?
  4. tyler

    tyler Member

    you're very welcome, micro brew. happy to be of service.

  5. tyler

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    i was on foot and fished between "frustration flats" and the umtanum boat launch/adventure camp area.