3/21 suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by D3Smartie, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    Well it looks like steelhead fishing is out for tomorrow on the S rivers or the O.P., the yak is gone, and i dont want to fish any lakes...
  2. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    No lakes? How about the salt?

    Rocky Ford ;)
  3. HauntedByWaters

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  4. James Mello

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    Kinda limiting yourself... I've heard the eastern rivers like the GR and Clearwater are fishing okay. Rumor also has it that the southern Oregon rivers are doing well. Beyond that, there is saltwater and that's about it....
  5. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    I dont need to go fish for any boots and its a fairly long trip for me to the eastside. Anyone know whats happening on the SW WA rivers or NW Oregon?
  6. cuponoodle breakfast

    cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

    I'm in the same boat. I've got the week off and my plan was to fish the Forks area or the Skagit/Sauk. To top it off, I went to check on some hunting spots yesterday and the ECU in my truck took a dump.
  7. TomB

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    the upper skagit is very high but fishable, and so are all of the smaller rain-dominated systems that are still open to fishing.
  8. flybill

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    Tie flies, build a new rod and definitely go see The Fly Fishing Film Tour this evening. I would go to a local lake if I had time, but you said that didn't interest you...

    I've heard a few decent reports on some of the SW rivers, but don't know if they're blown out at the moment or not.

    Good luck!