3 Days on W. Seattle Beaches

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by pcknshvl, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. pcknshvl Member

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    Windy on Thursday--no fish.
    Much better on Friday, saw some Orcas, no fish.
    Very nice and calm today--had something on briefly but not much of a head shake so I suspect it was a searun. A few other follows, too. Otherwise, no fish.

    It's probably time to start thinking about steelhead, but that can be even more frustrating.

  2. P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

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    I"m still perplexed that we had all those orcas for the whole day and still no fish?
  3. pcknshvl Member

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    I was at my not-so-secret alternative W. Seattle beach today, and had to share it with two seals. Plenty of cormorants diving for bait, too. Mystifying...but then again, if I had my intermediate head and some Clousers, I might have done better. That popper is so addictive....
  4. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Should have fished with a 20wt for the Orcas! A baby seal fly works awesome for the transient pods and a salmon fly, size 20/0 for the local pods! :cool:
  5. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    I can't get the baby seal fly to turn over!!
  6. Rob Ast Active Member

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    You've got to scratch its belly :rofl:
  7. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    Good line Rob!
  8. pcknshvl Member

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    Last gasp today...

    Hit both beaches, and nothing.

    Thursday, I leave to beat my brains out for steelhead....