3 forks/upper sno

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by santoroman, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. So has anybody been to the upper and 3 forks since we had that stint of rain this weekend?
  2. Check the flows. They are all pretty much still out, although at the flows they are at it shouldn't take long for them to recover if it dries out, which it's not supposed to.

    NF Snoq
    MF Snoq
    SF Snoq
  3. I attempted a drive to the Yakima on Sat. without checking the conditions at the pass -- it was closed... but since I was right there, I fished the SF of the Snoq at and below the Tinkham exit for a couple hours in the pouring rain. I can say that up that far, on saturday afternoon, the SF was in great shape. I fished a small sparkle dun w/ a beadhead dropper and then a black woolybugger. Didn't catch a thing - or see any sign of any fish life forms - but it was a beautiful afternoon.

    Made it to the Yak yesterday. Hooked two nice fish on PT/march brown nymphs during the start of a spotty hatch. Lost one on a broken tippet and the other can unbuttoned at my feet. I need some more practice.

    HOw's that for my first report ever.
  4. Well welcome aboard. And thank's for the report. It's good to hear about somebody catching something. As for getting over the pass on Saturday. Bill and I made it before it got closed down. But the weather didn't cooperate. it sucked big time.

  5. wanted to make it to the yak on sunday, then somebody told me that it was easter. Damn family. thanks for the heads up everyone

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