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  1. I am looking to purchase a new 3 or 4 wt rod to start fishing small streams and i was wondering if anyone had any particular favorites or certain rods to stay away from. I would like to stay under $300 any input would be great. thanks
  2. We do have input. It may be useless but it is input. So take this with a grain of salt,ok? If I had $300 to spend on a rod for small streams I would buy 2-both a 3wt and a 4wt but of different lengths. I would take a long look at the TFO Series I 7'6" 3wt at $90 and for the 4wt I like the TFO Professioal Series 4 pc 8' or 9' for $140. That leaves you some bucks to spend on flylines. I fish some small brushy creeks that are hell to navigate and the idea of taking my most expensive rods in there makes me a little nervous. So a fancy rod isn't always the hot ticket since usually the cast are only about 25-30' anyway. That's my .02. Ive
  3. im with ive on this one, you spend the bucks on a big rod and your not gonna be so willing to take your 300++ dollar rod into the weeds. i have had alot of luck with the lighter rainshadow IM7 rods. they are a hoot for bout 100 bucks if you make it yourself

  4. I'm putting a couple of extras in the classifieds.


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  5. how about a 2 wt. and make it short. at times you will cast 5 to 10 feet if you can call it cast. while you are at get 3 $100 rods, a 2,3 and 4 wt.
  6. never really thought about it like that, it does make more sense that i would less worried about a less expensive rod. thanks for thoughts makes more sense when i look at it you are all put it.:thumb
  7. The TFOs are a fine choice, but Loomis' GL3 8' 3wt is also a teriffic light line rod for both small streams and ponds. If you want to shoot your wad on one, the Winston Ibis 4wt (8' 8-1/2' or 9') is a wonderful rod.

    Unless you use light line rods a lot, I'm not sure you'll notice enough difference between a 3wt and a 4wt to justify buying one of each. If you're set on two, try a 2wt and a 4wt or a 3wt and a 5wt. If you've already got a 5wt, just get the 3wt and then you'll have enough left over for a reel and a line.

    Don't fall for the myth that you have to fish with a 9 foot rod either. For small water, the extra length is a drawback, not an asset. Plus, you'll cast nearly as far with the shorter length as with the 9 footer.

    (BTW, I recently read an account of a guy last month who was the first in the US to qualify as a FFF certified instructor using a 7' 6wt bamboo for his tests. He could clear all the line through the tip on his distance casts. Once again, it goes to show it ain't the length, its the motion : - )
  8. I agree with Ive on the TFO's. I bought a 3wt. a couple months ago. Sweet little rod for the money. I got it for packing into small lakes and streams. Didn't want to be beating the bushes with a $400 stick. Plus my budget wouldn't stand for it. Fortuna's comment on odd and even weights is good advice also. Being fairly new to this game I couldn't tell much difference between a 3wt and a 4wt. I tested dozens of different makes and weights at a show this winter, makes sense to space them out a bit. Unless you're real fat in the wallet. :thumb
  9. my dads light rod is a very old 6 1/2' 5 wt, and i can cast that rod at least as well as my 8'3" 4 wt. the rod is about 50 years old and casts like a dream. shorter is not always a bad thing

  10. If I would of been smart and onto these computers 6 years ago I could of gotten some of the cheaper rods. But when I retired these things wern't as popular as they are today. And I had to do the word of mouth or just read about it so I ended up with a 7'6" GL2 4wt which I'm happy with as it has gotten me into many fish where a 9' rod was too big to go.

    But I would stick to the TFO's as they have some nice small rods.

    But what do I know.......I'm just an old man with a bare hook

  11. :rolleyes
    i guess im with jim on the TFO's. they carry my reccomendation

    Randy, what are you going to be selling? let me know via email, i always will pick up an extra rod or 5

  12. thanks guys i checked out these rods on the website and i think i am going with the 7'6" 3 wt. does anyone know of a dealer in the tacoma area that would carry it so i could test before i buy, or am i going to have to order off the internet?
  13. I think the only shops that stock TFO's are on the OP. I believe Waters West has them but call first or go online to TFO's site and find their corp #. Call corp and ask for their NW rep. He's based in OR and can hook you up. He sent me a few rods to try because no one carried them locally at that point.

    good luck
  14. Check Out www.mrfc.com they have some specials on close-out...Imperial from St. Croix are a nice rod and you can get them for under 100 or a little over depending on what you want.
  15. sportco now carries TFO go and check there
  16. went and checked them out earlier today didnt have the 7'6" 3 wt but had the 8' and i liked it a lot! think im gonna get it. thanks for all the info guys.
  17. Disagree with Kent on this one. There can be a HUGE difference between a 3 weight and a 4 weight. Pick up a Sage 389VPS Light and compare it to a Sage 490VPS, and there is a big difference.

    I do agree somewhat with Kent on the length thing. In the lighter line rods, I wouldn't suggest purchasing a 9' rods, but something more in the 8' to 8'6" range, or shorter if you plan to use it mostly to fish creeks. Fishing the Yak or other similar rivers? Get the longer length (more line control).

    The TFO Professional series are great rods for the money. Don't overlook the Scott SAS and SVS line of rods, too. Made in the USA, and are in your budget range. The Sage DS2 is a very good rod, and we all know about Sage; also made in the USA. The Winston Ibis rods are also great rods, but at $295 each will blow your budget.

    Be sure to purchase a top quality line. Fly line selection is often overlooked, IMHO.

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