3 person pontoon boats

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Scottpuck, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I was looking to get a 3 man pontoon boat. I do not have the room to store a drift boat (and storage facilities are outrageous), but although inconvenient, I can break down a 3 man pontoon. Catarafts excluded, are there any other available models other than the Dave Scadden? Does anyone have experience with Scadden? I've heard a couple of horror stories...

    I know Outcast used to make a model, but they do not seem to carry it anymore...

    Is there any other models out there worth checking out?


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    creek company also makes one but the quality is about that of their other products

    two person pontoons are becoming common, even bucks is making one now.
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    Scott, check out Creek Company. I think that Cabelas sells them with a discount.

    I have their ODC1018 and after making some minor modification, love it!

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    oh yeah, check out greatwhitehunters.com from ellensburg or yakima i think. i believe they get the toons from xstream and build the frames. they can put together whatever you want. cabelas does carry the creek company model, gi joes has one set up in each store if you want a look.
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    There is a 14ft self-bailing Otter for sale in the classifieds. It's all set up for 3 already check it out.

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    I have a 16' Aire Cat that is the shit! I can float and fish three with a week's worth of gear.

    As an addition to the frame, I added casting platforms fore and aft. Tones of room. Tons of stability. It also rocks on cast & blast trips.

    Anything less than 16 feet is too crowded with three, and it limits you to maybe a two night trip with two.

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    I owned 2 Scadden toons, Expedition DLS (2 yrs) and currently the Madison River (going on 3 yrs). I upgraded to the MR because of the internal anchor system, class 4 rapid rating, bladderless pontoons, increased carrying capacity/larger cargo platform, streamlined design – less areas for your fly line to hook up, and less weight (approx. 42 lbs all packed up). Another reason for the upgrade was the “disaster event” that occurred shuttling our toons from the C Section back to the A Section of the Green River, UT.

    After checking our toons several times on several shuttles, this was one time we did not check the tie downs. The road was very bumpy, and one of the tie downs disengaged, and we ended up dragging 2 DLS toons behind our pickup for approx 100 feet. With the exception of a few bent frame pieces, and scuffed pontoons, they survived this calamity in exceptional condition – not one leak – just cosmetic blemishes on the pontoon bladders. We managed to piece together one frame, and rent a DLS from Trout Creek Flies so our week long fishing trip did not miss a beat. After this event, we were sold on the endurance and quality construction of the pontoons.

    The down side: At the end of our trip, we dropped off our toons at Dave’s fly shop to have everything checked out, and to get replacement frame parts. They were to ship the boats back to us on the east coast. After several exasperating calls, and 3 months later, we received the boats. Only… there were missing parts, like oars and the saddle bags! This is the down side of Scadden – customer service. Great product, but less than acceptable customer service. We did manage to get everything, just more frustrating calls. We sold the boats for $375 and upgraded to the Madison River.

    Since then, Scadden is now affiliated with North Folk Outdoors, and it appears customer service has improved.

    So, for almost 3 years now, not one problem and believe me, my boat has seen a lot of time on several rivers, big rapids, dragging bottom in rock gardens, bouncing off and scuffing against large boulders, and it looks like new (I do use a UV protectant on the pontoons). The TU member who purchased my DLS is extremely happy and to date no problems. I would be interested in hearing the horror stories you referred to.

    Pay particular attention to what the frame is made of, rapid rating, cargo carrying capacity, anchor system, pontoon construction (bladder or bladderless welded seams) and a simple streamlined design that will not hook up your fly line on those windy days.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't pay much mind to rapid rating. It is a guideline, but the ability to run rapids is largely dependent on your ability to read water and to put that boat exactly where it needs to be at any given time. If you are on line any rapid is easy. It is only when you are off line will you visit a dark & scary place.

    You can run 20,000 cfs dropping at 50+ feet per mile, and if you know where to put the boat you won't even get wet.