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  1. my favorite 3wt rod is a 376 SLT. LOVE IT
  2. I had an RS3 5wt then sold it to buy a CPS. The CPS has more power but it lacks feel in the tip for me, which I had the RS3 back. I have not fished the CPS in a 3wt but have an 8' 3wt in the RS3 and it is a great rod. So I think you actually got the better rod atleast for the 3wt. Great price either way. :thumb:
  3. I have a TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series 3 wt. I love it, it casts very nice and for 100 bucks, you cant go wrong. The only thing that I dont like is that its a two piece, but besides that its great
  4. I have the Echo Classic 7'6" 3 wt. It is a very nice casting rod. Great little dry fly rod.
  5. I'll second that...

    I don't fish graphite very much any more, but my little echo classic 3wt. is one that sees a fair amount of action on smaller waters...
  6. I have a 9 feet 3weight Elkhorn. I know they are made oversea's but I love the rod. They do have shorter one's. Also go on the net and look around. Iv'e found Classic fly fisherman, he sells used rods. I just picked up a JP Ross fly rod, 6'6" for a 2-3weight. Iv'e have only casted it on the lawn but I like it alot. Got it for only 100.00 and in mint condion. If you look around, you will find something.
    But remember everyone cast different and one I like or someone else likes may not be for you.
  7. I've got several of Sage older 3wt's and love them all,hence my log on..if you want a nice 3wt I got a Sage 390 rpl for sale it's a spare I got lay'n around..send me a pm..look'n for 200.00+shp'n..

    tight lines
  8. Sage LL 389 - finest rod I own. Sorry though, not for sale. If you ever do see one sale though, buy it.
  9. 7"6' Winston BIIT great rod nice and slow but has enough back bone to get a fairly long cast when you need to. Love the rod for small creeks!!!!!
  10. Has anybody fished the Beulah 3 weight ? Three piece seven and a half footer they describe as medium action . Comes with an extra tip as well . Been thinking of picking one up , but would like some input .
  11. after reading throught the thread i am wondering what is the lightest rod weight that yall will fish with?

  12. I would do search and see if you can come up with a Sage VPS....great dry fly rod and you should be able to pick one up for $250 or less if you can find one.
  13. the lightest i have fished is a 00 Sage. very fun for fishing small creeks. have mainly used it as a rod to fish brook trout in new brunswick can, and high mountain streams while hunting.
  14. watch the equipment exchange for a Sage LL 3 weight. You can find them for $200+-. This is a wonderful rod, I will never get rid of mine. If I was going to buy new, I would look hard at the Winston b2x or a LT.
  15. I'll second that one-it is awesome for a place like the upper Skagit or Kelly Creek ID! For small creeks I also like the St Croix Legend Ultra 7'6".
  16. My smallest rod is a 7' 1 wt. Lots of fun with smaller dries or dry/dropper combos......as long as there is no wind blowing!
  17. I only like mine with a small dry fly. If you need to add an indecator/ nymph or lead-you need a bigger rod.
  18. I'm with Sean, Winston 7'6" BIIT 3WT is the stick. Makes lil creek fish feel like bruisers n casts the litest dries. Wouldn't mind rotating it with a Sage ZXL, LL or SLT though. Those rods also rock. :thumb:

  19. What will you be using it for? That to me seems like the best question.

    I have a Loomis 9' 2 peice GLX that is an incredible nymphing/chironimid/dry fly in big rivers rod but I'll be honest with you it is a little stiff and a times when fighting smaller fish it feels a little like a 6wt, it also is not a good small creek rod and it sucks to travel with because it doesn't break down as a travel rod. I would never give this rod up though!

    Three years ago I tested several rods in the 3wt range specifically for small creeks at the fly show. Yes, the Winston and Scotts were amazing in the 6 and 1/2 foot range, but $$$$. I found a 6 and 1/2 foot, 7 peice (yes 7 peices, I can fit it in my glove compartment) rod made by MarchBrown that cast just about as well for distance (No I don't believe I could hit 100 feet, but I don't believe I ever will need to) and for roll casting as the Winston and Scotts. It is an incredible rods for small streams, but at times the many ferrals tend to come apart and casting an indicator is a nightmare. Floating out small dries in confined spaces though, I don't think it could be beat. If I had to do it over with this rod, I might have gone down a wt or two.

    The market is flooded with good stuff right now. You can really pin point what you want and how much you want to pay, and odds are you'll find it.

    Good luck.

  20. if you enjoy the lightest graphite rod then you might want to try some "new" figerglass rod. It's different league. IMHO. Lamiglass spring creek 3wt 6'6 is what I recommend. You can build it with reasonable price and it will give you some feel.

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