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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Matthews, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Gentlemen,

    I am going to buy a 3wt rod for this summers trip to the homestead in Michigan and I was hoping you could chime in on some of the options out there.

    I prefer a med to fast action rod, and I am looking for something in the 6'6" to 8' range. Also price range should not exceed $350.

    Looking for general thoughts and experiences.
  2. My go-to 3wt is the St. Croix Avid series ... nice price point and great little rod.

  3. Like many on this board, I get tired of this type of thread (I know, so why reply?). I would simply suggest that there are a ton of options in this length and size range, and medium to fast action would take in both fiberglass and graphite rods.

    Sean, if you are a decent fly caster, and this is for a summer vacation to Michigan, as opposed to the chance of a lifetime to fish the South Island of New Zealand, I'm guessing you will be happy with just about anything you try. There are hardly any really bad rods out there, and any good caster will quickly adjust their casting stroke to any one they pick. I've cast a lot of 3-4 wt rods (glass, graphite, and bamboo) that would fall in this class over the past 10 years, and I'd be happy to recommend all of them to you, but that doesn't help you much.

    If you want to refine your options a bit, you might be able to get some more specific replies. Do you want to use this in the future for a pack rod (so a 5-6 piece rod)? for a small stream rod (with limited casting room)? to let your 8-yr old son/grandson learn to cast with (and possibly break)?

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  4. I kinda agree with Richard on this, we are usually happy to help but the question is so generic and far ranging that it is difficult to be specific. And most of us are going to tell you what we are using and what we like about it but we are all different sizes, shapes, ages and have different casting abilities and techniques.

    I think the main thing to keep in mind is that it would be much harder right now to buy a bad rod than a good one. Just about everyone makes a 3wt and just about all of them will cast better than a similar rod built a decade ago. Since you are in an area with a number of fly shops I would hit them up and try some rods in person. It is likely you will find exactly what you are looking for and since you will already have cast it there should be no disappointment.

  5. I would do a little searching for a Sage TXL 3710, a couple shops I've found on the internet still have them for reasonable. OR I would l grab a Winston GVX.

    My $.02
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  6. Not medium to fast, but the Steffan glass rod I have for sale should enrich any small water fishing trip.
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  7. Don't forget about the cheaper rods. TFO has got a good selection of 3wt's.
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  8. My three wt opinion is... get a 4wt..

    Then a 2 wt feels like a huge difference.
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  9. All my experience is with the lower priced rods, and I love the Redington CT series (now called the Tempt.) For your budget you could get a Tempt 3wt and a nice little reel and a line. I haven't got a chance to cast the St. Criox Avid, but it looks and feels nice and is made in the US. If my budget was a little higher I would probably give it a try.

    BTW: The Temp 2wt is a little heavier than you might expect. It works well with a 3wt line and might be what you're looking for.
  10. Redington CT. Awesome rod and you should be able to find a 3wt for 100$ or less. In my opinion there is no need to shell out a ton of money for a 3wt. Worth it trust me. I own one and love it. Got mine for 75$ on clearance.

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  11. +1 on the Redington CT. A friend at work picked up one during the Cabela's sale and I had a chance to lawn cast...darn nice for the price. Now if you really want the bomb, find a Sage LL379 or 389...just saying.
  12. Since you prefer a medium to fast action, I'd suggest either the Scott F2 703 or the Sage One 390.
  13. Avid has a TXL 3710 right now.... or did a couple of weeks ago...
  14. you probably know the answer to your question, and dont realize it. my suggestion, fwiw, take a look at the rods you have and like, then get another one in the same series in the 3wt. if its maybe an older model, say a sage rpl or other discontinued rod, you can probably find a better rod in your price range, rather than buying a new budget class rod. tons of great used top of the line(in their time) rods out there, and many have not been improved on since. newer is rarely better in the last ten years or more. you have lots of time to wait for the right one to show up in the classifieds. remember in this game, 9 times out of ten, used means 8-10 times at most. average joe angler does not fish near as much as he'd lead you to believe, and the ones that do, arent selling the rods they fish alot.
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  15. I have a St Criox Avid, but it is a 8wt. When in Washington I used it for Steelhead and Salmon. Very nice fly rod..
  16. + another on CT
  17. RP, LL, VPS lite, FLi, TXL, SLT, ZXL, IMX, GL3, LPS, LTX, E2, TLS.
    all get my vote, all high end, all us made, all med-mfast, all can be had like new for about 2 bills. help keep your forum buddies from starving.
  18. I am not connected to the seller, but I would jump all over the Biit in the classified. Also love the TXL and SLT models.
  19. As MIke said, if I needed another 3wt I'd already bought the biit in the classified, one of the best graphite 3wt out there, if not, I'd go with with the CT or glass..... I don't understand why people would want anything but a medium action in a 3wt, if you want a fast 3wt...just use a 4wt, Makes no since to me.
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  20. Echo Carbon. $179 I think. Great rod and loads of fun.

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