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  1. I enjoyed the thread a few weeks ago discussing the merrits of a 3wt for those little trout streams - so much in fact that I have a blank on its way to me (oh yeah, I'm going to try my hand at building my first rod). Now I need a reel to match. In the vein of "don't need anything fancy for 7" trout" what reels are you using on your 3wt?
  2. i just bought a g Loomis east fork 3-4 reel for 165 ish from Puget sound fly co on Saturday i love it... looks great ! ill be testing it tomorrow and let you know~!
  3. There are different schools of thought dealing with reels. SOme believe that drag should be applied manually and all you really need is a reel that won't seize up. Some believe that drag is important in a reel and thus the finer made reels should be better for fighting fish. I am sort of thinking that the importance of a reels drag increases with the size of the fish. SO the bigger the fish, the better the reel you need. For a 3 wt, you may need something that does little else than hold line. But???? Whatever floats your boat in the end....
    I am looking into getting an old school Pflueger Medalist for 2 weight Im thinking about building. Just to have an old school feel. THe super low price also makes them interesting. But mainly old school is what I am after.
  4. I ended up purchasing a orvis battenkill mid arbor and like it, but I did look aht the eastfork and was a very nice reel.
  5. I went with the battenkill bar stock and am happy with it. Decent price I thought.
  6. Orvis has several nice reels that are easy to recommend and not hard on the pocket book. I just bought one for my 2wt for about $99. They have some less expensive as well.

    My 3wt TFO rod has a matching TFO reel (now discontinued) and a Martin Mohawk River reel I got for just over $50 that seems like a nice little reel:

    I don't think you can find a pflueger medalist in that size, or i'd go for that. Smallest I've found would be for a 5wt. 1492 model I think.
  7. Have a Vosseler RC1 on My Scott 3wt. Sweet looking reel, and about $100 if I remember correctly.
  8. The 5 wt 1942 doesn't hold backing, so I think you could throw a smaller line on with backing, i would think.
  9. I have a TFO 3wt. that I put a Battenkill LA 3/4 on. It's a great light weight reel.
  10. I have an eagle claw on my 4wt that I paid $24 for and it holds a 100yds of backing, I couldn't be happier:beer2:
  11. Chad mentioned TFO reels, I just recieved a couple of TFO 1 reels for my boat 3 wts, they seem more than capable for what you seek.
  12. I love my Okuma Magnitude. They say it's made out of magnesium so it is super light. The drag ain't bad either. And it costs very little...less than half as some of those reels people are suggesting. Plus, you can always scrape the sides and use it as a fire starter if you get in a survival situation. Didn't Bear Grylls do that once?

    I think a light reel on a very light rod is a good idea. Do you know what happens when you put a V8 in a Geo Metro? Me neither, but I'll bet it would be cool. Anyway, why put a $165 reel on a rod that you shouldn't be catching big fish on. And a Flooger isn't a bad idea, but they're pretty heavy, if I recall.
  13. I bought a Ross Flywater 1 for my 3 wt. I love it!
  14. I found Chadk's suggestion is very useful. For 3 wt, it pretty much function as "line holder". Any reel can do the job... also, to me, the balance for 3wt rod is less a concern... so I would say just pick up any reel you like...

    If you have more budget to spend... I would suggest some fancy large arbor reel (Orvis / Cortland have some range from $130-180). The reason is for small streams, there are a lot of logs, trees and rock around, I feel I need to pick up my line very frequently... the large arbor reel did make my life easier...(you can buy a 5wt reel and fill in some material in the spool center, that way you make it a large arbor also ). For your reference. :beer2:
  15. I was on the market last year for a 3 wt reel. I searched high and low for one the would fit my budget I almost spent 50 bucks on one but I found on in my price range. I picked up a Martin 34 Fly reel for the huge price of $29.95 at Fran Johnson's in Butte. It was on sale. It even has a drag on it. But I doubt if I will ever need it on small fish.

    I almost did what Chad did but 100 bucks for a 3 wt reel turned me off. I didn't need anything fancy, just something to hold line.

  16. Orvis Bar Stock. Light and relatively cheap, great reel.
  17. I use a Redington CD 3/4 reel. Great reel for a great price!
  18. Ross Colorado on my 3wt. You can find 'em on ebay. It's perfect for me. If I didn't have that, I'd go w/ the Orvis BBS.

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