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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Ast, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Dick Warnke

    Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

    I bought a Plueger Summit for a little Lamiglas "Spring Creek Special" I recentley bought for small fish and skinny water.
  2. sashjo

    sashjo Member

    In the past, I didn't put stock in a good reel. That has all changed for me after buying my first Evo. You never know what you might hook with 3 wt, so a good drag is a plus. I got into a chinook last fall. I didn't land him but it was a good battle before the breakoff.
  3. zipmyfly

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    I think I might have brought up that post about 3#", and I went with the advice of 4 people on the board and 3 IM's on a Three River 3# by Cabelas. I like Cabelas because they have a large selection of rods. I tested a bunch of rods and for the price, I went with the Three Rivers rod and with the combo price I got the CSR 1 with backing and line for $114.00. I tossed the line and backing and got better backing and Cort444 peach 3# WF. What a blast that rod is and the reel works well. Check Cabelas on line and check pricing.
  4. Fly Fanatic

    Fly Fanatic Bull Trout

    I have a Pflueger Medalist 1492 on my 3 wt. It's light (4 oz), reliable, and a bargain at $25. I was even able to put about 50 yards of backing on it with my SA GPX line no problem.
  5. 1morecast

    1morecast Active Member

    I have a Islander IR-1 on my 7.5 ft 3wt. Nice little click and prawl reel....
  6. Robert Evans

    Robert Evans New Member

    I have an okuma sierra s4/5 that i really love. it was around $35 and i have honestly caught more fish with it and my llbean quest 3wt than any other rod. You can just fish the really hard to access spots and hidden or densly forested holes. Good luck building, some day i wish to take on a project.ptyd
  7. rainbow

    rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

    I was in the same delema since I collect rods and reels. I thought I would try severel different ones. All from ebay. A lamson valosity 1.5, cimmoron 1, abel spring creek cl, hardy disk 4, hardy feather weight, hardy markman. I like the feather weight the best. All were from ebay, and a decent price. The abel is sweet. The marksman sucks, it would break a fine tippet.
  8. Agreed. I hooked a nice kokanee on the upper wynoochie a few weeks ago and was glad I had drag.
  9. spanishfly

    spanishfly Steelberg

    I use a Ross CO-1 and CO-0. The CO-0 doesn't allow for much backing so would better compliment a 2wt. They have a click pawl drag which is all you need for the micros but will also handle big fish as well. This Spring I stuck a 21" brown on my 4wt and CO-1.
  10. Luke Ramirez

    Luke Ramirez Still DoubleUgly

    I bought a cheap ($25) scientific anglers reel for my 3wt. It's perfect! I'm more concerned about the weight than the drag capability...

    But I guess if I hooked into a Chinook or a Kokanee I might change my mind :) The biggest fish I've caught on this setup is a 15" bow from an alpine lake and the cheap reel was just fine for that guy!
  11. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    Well there are some real gems out there as far as "light line holders". I personally love having a nice looking reel on my nice looking rod. If you hunt long enough on ebay you will find some great ones.

    $60-$80 Redington CT 2/3
    This reel is no longer offered by Redington but is a killer reel for the price. You can find one
    everyonce in a while on ebay for $60-$80 dollars. It is a click-and-pawl design much like Hardy and Orvis.

    $80-$120 A Ross Colorado 1.
    These reels are heavier but will stand up to the four horsemen and laugh. You really can't kill them.

    $120-$180 Orvis CFO I
    This reel in the older Click-and-Pawl action is a very sought after reel. To many it is the ultimate light line reel. Simple and effective but still a work of art. The new CFO's can be had for $180 but they are drag reels and a bit heavier.

    $200-$500 Hardy Lightweight "Flyweight" Reel
    This is a real work of art and a great reel. Finding one under $400 dollars can be a trick believe me I looked for several months before someone had one for $199 by it now. This reel is basically like the CFO and CT reels but just nicer. Kind of like a Lexus LS400 vs a Camry, same car just nicer.

  12. sashjo

    sashjo Member

    I agree going light. I had a System 2 reel on my 8 wt. Last winter, a steelhead broke the drag so I replaced with an Evo. Much more enjoyable to cast with the light reel.
  13. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    I agree with John, if you can find a CFO 1, I have a few of the older one's and still working perfectly, excellent for 2,3,small stream 4 wts and while I don't use them like I did when younger they have been abused like a ... nevermind
  14. Chris Puma

    Chris Puma hates waking up early

    i have a 3 weight CFO reel used 4-5 times. you want to buy it? great lightweight reel. aesthetically pleasing.
  15. tyler

    tyler Member

    i'm a bit of a reel junkie and like john, i like having nice reels on my rods. my light line reel collection includes: galvan OB2, tibor light spring creek, and a danielsson nymph w. i think the galvan and the tibor could put the brakes on a bonefish, and the danielsson is a clever piece of engineering that is light as a feather.

    chris, i might be interested in your CFO... oops, i did it again.

  16. pastorbrian

    pastorbrian Member

    Ross Flystart!!

    Great reel-great price
  17. Steven Mobley

    Steven Mobley Member

    I just acquired an Abel TR-1 for my 2 wt TFO IM6 rod. It casts the 2 wt SA XPS line like theres no tomorrow! The reel is only a clicker type drag, but I never get into trouble with 6-8" trout anyway. I also got a Hardy Marksman for my 4/5 wt Winston IM6. I disagree wth the person who stated the reel's drag(?) would break a fine tippet. My experience using 4x and 5x tippet with this reel and rod combo has done nothing but exceed my expectations. The reel is extremely light weight and the clicker drag is more than light enough. IMHO, the rod should be takimg up most of the presure exerted by the fish anyway, not the reel. At any rate, I'm one of the believers who think the reel is simply meant to hold line on rods lighter than a 6 wt. Buy something light that plays out line smoothly, looks great on your rod and you have your winner.
  18. gbeeman

    gbeeman Active Member

    I use a Lampson Velocity 1.5 on my Sage SP-389. I've been very pleased.

  19. Johnson Wozniak

    Johnson Wozniak Banned or Parked

  20. Hmmm, interesting... :confused:

    What am I supposed to say? They make good reels. A bit heavy, but they have a nice drag and are built well for the price. I haven't really made a habit of keeping up with industry gossip... too many other things to do - fishing mostly. I guess if he screws his guys over he'll go out of business eventually. If he's still around, who knows? Sounds like an anonymous comment from a disgruntled flyfishing nerd.