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  1. I am thinking about buying a 3 wt. rod for small lake and stream fishing, something easy to pack around. I was looking at Temple Fork Outfitters pro series and was wondering if any one has had experience with their rods. Seems like a nice little rod for the money, around $140. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Sage DS2 #3 8'6"

    What a marvelous little rod she is. $210.
  3. TFO's are great little rods, I have one myself in the 3wt catagory as a back up to my T&T 3 wt, in fact it gets used more than the T&T, great little rods! Even landed some LARGE fish on it! Have at it, feel good about it and rock it!

  4. I currently own three 3wt rods and have sold another three in the past several years. While I don't have experience with TFO's (I've been eyeing their 3-piece 2wt), I've owned and/or fished 3wts from Sage, Loomis, Orvis, St Croix, Scott and T&T. Each one is/was as different and unique as six individual people. Some were sticks while a couple were simply wonderful. The difference in cost between the two I like best would almost buy a couple of TFO 2wts.

    While price may be an important consideration, how will you feel if your 'inexpensive' TFO turns out to be a real stick? Buying a lesser rod just because it's cheaper instead of a better one in the first place has ended up costing me a lot more money in the not-so-long run. I suggest that you test cast as many as you can get your hands on before buying anything. Your favorite 3wt might end up being the TFO, but you'll be convinced you bought it for the right reason.

    BTW, last Fenruary TFO had a booth at the Flyfishing Show in Bellevue. If they re-up for next year, that might be a great opportunity to test drive their rods.

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  5. TFO. I've been meaning to chime in on TFO for a while. I too wondered about these rods. I did "test drive" them at the Bellevue show and liked them. I sent TFO an e-mail inquiring about their rods and low and behold, they sent me one to demo. Just like that, easy as can be. I liked it, went to Canada with it, used it, loved it. I have the western series in a 6 weight. this is my take on TFO: they keep the costs down by using quality blanks with lesser components, i.e. guides, cork, tip-tops, reelseat, etc. For 140 bucks, give them a whirl, they back their product 100%. Lifetime warrenties to boot.

    YT, TFO "Pro-staff" ;)
  6. I would look at Griggs rods if I were you!!!:+
  7. I also have an 8 or 8'6" 3wt Sage DS2 ( I cant remember right off hand) Its a sweet little rod. Has landed many a fatty trouts. Its a 4 pc and fits on a back pack quite nicely! Good Luck
  8. Delve deeper into this "art", build your own. Rainshadow blanks from Batson Ent. are great blanks and are very inexpensive.


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  9. It may be more money than you want to spend but you might want to take a look at what a lot of people consider the ultimate 3 weight, a Sage 8'9" LL. Probably a little slower than the others mentioned but I think one of the sweetest dry fly rods ever made. And it can handle large fish if you treat it right. Anglers Pro-Shop has them on a closeout at this address


    If you want more superlatives on the rod go to

  10. i bought a 3wt sage second from patrick's three or four years ago and love it. truly my favorite. nothing could be nicer than dry fly fishing with that rod. as for big fish... i have battled a 20lb king with that little rod (still silver and a great jumper) for over an hour (i ran about three miles up and down the river chasing that fish until the tippet final was rubbed to nothing by river rocks. no i wasnt targeting that fish but he loved the single egg pattern (great mouth take ... moved about three feet for it). to summarize that "second" sage is great. i would buy another one and build it again.
  11. I went to antique shop down on the southside (which will remain unnamed) and found this Japanese Bamboo rod 4-piece complete with wood box and fly's leader and an xtra tip. feels like a 3wt. anyway it is the most amazing trout rod. I am rebuilding the handle because it was pretty cheesey. paid $100.00 bucks. You Cannot beat the feel of a Bamboo rod they are unbelievable!:beer2
  12. IMHO, the Sage 389-4 LL periander refers to is simply the best 3wt graphite rod ever built - period. I spent 4 delightful days with mine last fall on Idaho's Kelly and Cayuse creeks and the NF Clearwater, playing with WS cutts up to 17". At $395 (a $105 discount from Sage's suggested retail) it's also a bargain.

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  13. Roper,
    I'm with you on the Batson Enterprises rod blanks. They have great stuff, at great prices. However, I lean toward the budget end of things, and their Forecast blanks come closer to my expense account. They are a 33 million modulus blank, and the 7'9", 2 piece, 3 weight goes for $23.73. Hard to beat in my book. Maybe after Christmas, I'll get one. I fortunately have a slower casting style, and like the lower modulus and IM6 stuff. Lucky me I guess.
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  14. BK


    I really like my 386 DS-II with an orvis CFO I. I do a lot of bushwacking and wet wade so the rod takes some abuse and has gone swimming a couple times. I felt like an A$$ for paying retail at a fly shop,but the rod is superb with a triangle taper line and I'm sure I'll need the warranty given the log jams and rocks I fall off of all the time. I should have gone with the BBS-II titanium reel though since the CFO shows some dings. I have a 590 LL and was really tempted to get the 389 LL, but I'm just too rough on the little 3wt and can't justify the price. I wouldn't buy a 3wt without casting the DS-II first, there's just something about that rod, the 490 DS-II is also incredible with a 444 DT.
  15. get a good blank and have cheap components on it and you have a rod that will cast well. thats what you are looking for. mww

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