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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jslo, Jul 5, 2013.

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    I'm kinda in the market/looking for a decent 3 wt rod. My dilemma is I have a spare spool for a 3/4/5 wt reel I have, and it's currently setup with WF4F line. I can't really resist the temptation to find a decent 3 wt and line up that other spool with some 3 line...but I have no 3 wt rod! lol. I have a 4wt, and 4 or 5 other rods up to 8wt..

    Any ideas? Cheers.
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    Everyone has been in that dilema. How to use the gear we already have with other gear we dont need?...... hmmm.WE BUY MORE GEAR! The cycle will continue and some go as far as becoming honorary gear whores.

    I would bounce down to a 2wt rod with a 2wt reel holding wf2f line and 2wt intermediate sink on spare spool.:D

    .....line the spare spool in question with a different type line for a 4-5 rod you like to use.

    According to my plan for your spare spool...............

    You are now getting yourself $500 - $600 worth of new gear so you can justify lining that spare spool collecting dust.

    How did i do?

    Good luck! ;)
  3. Jslo Active Member

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    lol so true. Ok, if I can't find my way into a really nice classic 3 wt for a good price, maybe I'll just line the spare spool with a different 4/5 weight line. I like classic slower action rods...I do some backcountry fishing in the mountains in smaller streams/settings. A 4 piece 3 or 4 wt...hmmmm. Somewhere in my psyche I know what you are saying is true. I think I might be a gear whore lol! someone stop the madness lol.
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    All my small stream fishing is done with 2 weights and under, all the way down to a 000 weight that I over line with a 2 weight line to load the rod for those 15 foot casts.:D
  5. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    There's two types of 3 wt rods... fast ones and slow ones. Which are you looking for? I have a fast 4 and a slow 4 and prefer the slower action. The fast one is a tad choppy and makes my 5 wt feel like a club when I switch back. I think it's the difference in casting stroke.
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    I have a 9' 3wt St Croix I could part with...I have 2 of them and only need one. :)
  7. Jslo Active Member

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    I prefer slower action. Relative term, but compared to whats on the racks today at shops- I love the Sage SLT, DS2, etc. I also have a 5wt Sage Vantage that my son uses, and when I cast it, feels choppy and club like lol. I can adjust my timing to get some great line speed but it doesn't have the syrupy feel of a slower rod. I like that syrupy/feel it load feeling.

    I could go 2 wt, 4 pc...that could be sweet as well for the smaller streams I fish. Even though technically the reel I have vacancy on is a 3/4 wt reel, who made the rule I can't use the spare spool for a WF2F line and pop it onto that rod?...probably a tiny bit not perfectly balanced but I've never been super uptight on that. Unless it's really wonky feeling, a few ounces here and there aren't the end of the world.
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    Go find yourself an old Sage 389-4 SLT or even better a Sage 389-3 or 4 LL. You will be sooooooo happy! Yes you are going to pay a few extra bucks because the LL is so desirable but shoot man...you only live once! There is one on Ebay right now from the folks out in Idaho.

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