30 lb steelhead on the hoh

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TomB, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Well on that thread, it says that the fly angler is from Port Townsend, not clear if he was guided or not. Not surprisingly, the nice thing about that particular thread is that it shows that choice of gear often has nothing to do with one's sense of conservation ethics (where this guy apparently had none).
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    That is bullshit! makes me sooo mad!
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    A real shame he killed the fish.
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    To remove a fish of that age and size from the gene pool is a crime[legal or not]! Try to imagine the journey this fish experienced in it's lifetime. To have the good fortune to hook into any steelhead in these low water conditions, some skill in landing it should be all the satisfaction a person needs; gear or fly! An image that comes to mind is the fish strapped to the hood of his pickup and hitting up all the taverns on the way home! I hope he gets as sick eating it as I feel right now... and I'm no 'tree hugger', not that there is anything wrong with that!
  6. KerryS

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    I call bullshit.
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    i hope you are right kerry...but i am keeping my ears open, because if I hear more details and can identify the guide, he will be getting a nice phone call from me.
  8. Manimal

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    look lets face it, catch and release is no more ethical than catch and kill, in fact it may be worse. If you are really concerned about steelhead you should not fish them and advocate for a complete closure on all angling for them.
    C+R really is nothing more than wildlife harassment. You can say whatever you want about us c+r guys protecting our rivers, but when it comes down to it, it may just be the lesser of two evils. Let's enter a realm of reality here.
  9. Matt Burke

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    Tom, it just aint going to stop until they are all gone. I just can't imagine the OP like the Skykomish. Apparently we are doomed to find out.
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    Hopefully the fly fishing "dude" from Pt Townsend that killed that fish will have to hide out for a while. Even the whack em & stack em gear guys over on Bobs board are up in arms over this. 30+ lb steelhead need to be on the spawning gravel not the barbecue.
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    Are you smokin'? :rofl: I mean, c'mon, take a minute and think that one all the way through within the context of a wild fish vs a hatchery drone...
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    the word "douchetard" comes to mind.
  13. ak_powder_monkey

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    there are plenty of reasons that people kill fish, perhaps it was injured or hooked deep and in the gills. If I caught a steelhead that was legal to keep and I was pretty sure it was gonna die upon release I'd probably keep it. Perhaps we should react to the story instead of passing judgment on internet rumors.

    The good news is that something like 95% of steelhead bigger than 36 inches are multiple spawners.
  14. Panhandle

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    Get in context.

    Do you fish for steelehad?

    There's a 24 hour grace period to repair dumb-ass remarks; I've used it many times, maybe you should too. :thumb:
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    akpowdermonkey---whether or not a fish is deeply hooked, its chance of survival automatically become 0 when it is bonked. many deep hooked fish do survive, so unless it was dead upon landing, killing it is by definition reducing its chance of survival.

    also, i don't know where you got your statistic about 36 inch steelhead....that simply doesn't jive with any of the data i have seen on steelhead. The NOAA status reviews that designated the ESU's looked at many populations and found that most in WA had less than 20% repeat spawning rates (many less than 10). Regardless, studies have shown that second time spawners are more successful than first time spawners, so leaving the repeat spawners in the river is especially important (see Todd Seamons work on the mating system of steelhead for more on this subject).

  16. Jergens

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    iagree, and on top of that, how many steelhead do you hook deep fly fishing? I have spent a significant amount of time nymphing for them, which i would think to be more likely to result in a deep hookset, and NEVER hooked one deep enough that i thought it was going to injure the fish.
  17. SpeySpaz

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    OK, I'll give it the BOTD. maybe it was gill-eye-deepthroat hooked.
    good point. Hard to tell, I wasn't there. If it was bleeding badly, I may have bonked it myself.
  18. hookedonthefly

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    Bob Kratzer bonks wild fish.


    There was some talk at one point about outing all the guides on the OP that bonk wild fish.

  19. Jeremy Floyd

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    I have only hooked one steelhead in my life that I was 99% sure was going to die from the hook. That was a hatchery hen last year on the Stilly that took the hook straight down and between the gill rakers. Had she not been pumping blood out the side I would have sent her back.

    IMHO the venting of anger should be pointed at WDFW for allowing people the opportunity to legally kill our wild stocks.
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    I am in perfect context, if you are the rulemaker, i'll oblige and offer more.

    First of all we dont know if it was native, most likely it was but still we dont know all the facts.

    Frankly the facts dont matter, it is within his right to kill the fish. And by doing so, dont kid yourself that your C+R behaviour is better than this guys.

    I do fish for steelhead, only in rivers with hatchery populations. And i only fish with the intent of keeping one or two when i need them, and that is not often. - goes for all species for me.

    Who's smoking what here. Take some time and really really think about what thrill you get from C+R and at what expense to everything involved. It plain and simple is wildlife harassment, there can be no argument against that. I'd like to hear one intelligent point that argues that fact????

    You are so concerned with steelhead that you would call - hooking one, fighting one to near exhaustion, taking it out of water, then letting it go LOVE.

    Just in the realm of philosophy that is interesting to me.

    Look, i will release most fish i catch but that is not my intention in the sport, i am not out there to catch as many as i can. The point i was trying to make is that we shouldnt feel more righteous than this guy, this could be the only fish this guy bonked. Maybe you have C+R 100 fish and 10 of them died as a result - who is better?