30 lb steelhead on the hoh

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TomB, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Get ready to flame me all to hell...

    I might have joined the wrong forum... After reading this thread I'm kind afraid to say anything, but I'll shoot from the hip here.

    I like fish. I EAT the hell out of fish! There aint no better shit in the world than a beautifly 18" long Brown in my frying man, or half of a 15 lb rainbow on my plate, or a 35lb Silver smoking in my smoker!

    You just can't frickin top a natural fish! All this schitt they sell in Albertsons and in Safeway is farm crap that tastes like ass of water buffalo...

    Although I DO support not harming fish that you do not intend to keep, and I also understand that there are C&R exclusive places and times of the year, but the day I got out to fish 'purely' for pleasure of hooking a fish in the mouth and landing him only to release it again, is the day I shoot myself in the face with a Bazooka. :beathead:

    There are soooo many other things in this world to do than to spend every fishing trip harming fish that you do NOT intend to at least eat or keep one of.

    Let the flaming begin :D :D :D:p
  2. No flaming...
    Just a wish that you truly enjoy the soilent green that you will be eating in a few years.
  3. Koolminx. No offense at all, but I'm curious of one thing. I've specialized in salmon and steelhead fishing all my life. I've caught alot of big fish. But WHERE did you catch a 35# silver? That's what beats me (and yes, I've eaten all types of fish so I'm not offended).
  4. Speyspaz, I'm with you brother. It's called putting your money where your mouth is. That's why I hit up the Cowlitz so much in my last couple of years. And Jerry, I'd be honored to share my sled with you for a day. You rep as a conservationist and angler need no fluff or introductions. Tight lines to both of you. Coach
  5. OK I've NEVER had a 35 lb silver in my frying pan or on my plate :) but I sure as hell wouldn't turn it away :D!

    Eric, I don't understand a word you said.... Why would catching a fish and eating it be related to solient greens... (mmmmmm solient greens:cool:)

    Seems to me that if you catch the dang fish then let them go that about sums it up that NOBODY is eating fish. Why the hell go fishing at all if you're not going to EAT at least ONE?

    Do hunters go shoot and release Elk and Deer? :p

    By the way, if you can stomach a store bought Rainbow trout you are a bigger and better man than I've ever met :)

    Anyhow, I don't see the point of fishing solely to fish. But I certainly enjoy it!
    I have a couple of magnificent British fly rods that make fly fishing similar to a Jacklyn Smith wet dream, but I haven't been fishing in about 8 years and only recently moved back home to WA.

    When I happened across all this anger towards a dimwitted Brit clubbing a huge gorgeous fish on the head with a rock, and taking it home. I was kind of shocked about the replies and the anger towards him.

    I understand that there are sport fishermen out there that only fish to C&R and never to take home and eat, but I seriously cannot understand why. Why hurt something that yo do not intend to EAT? Not that you need to eat them all but sheesh, none of them? They not only look beautiful but they TASTE GREAT!

    When I finally start fishing again, I hope that none of you are watching while I catch a beautiful legal fish, kiss it on the nose, and place it in my creel in preparation for dinner!

    I'd have to go home with a crooked nose :D :D

    Cheers folks! :beer2:


    P.S. Can someone please tell me what the solient green guy meant?
  6. Jerry,
    I think he meant a run of the mill 35 lb steelie.....
  7. If you don't get catch and release, you won't get soilent green. Oh, and you might find this site sorely disappointing. Whacking a trout from a put n' take lake is pretty different from killing a native steelhead that is fast on its way to extinction.

  8. Oh, one of THOSE. Gotcha.

    Koolminx. I eat alot of salmon. I agree, the storebought varieties suck. And yes, some of us do eat what we catch. I only will keep a hatchery fish anymore, and the salmon variety at that. Like I said, I never cared for Steelhead anyways. Only if I doctored the crap out of it (tons of seasoning, onions, real butter, etc wrapped up in foil). There are alot of guys who do eat fish, and keep some. Just the problem is (since you've been away) is our native steelhead runs are collapsing. People are trying to keep as many of the bigger fish (and other smaller nates too) in the river to reproduce. Some people just go a bit overboard. There are guys who just go out there to just C&R. They just love to go fishing. Just like I know some guys who couldn't stomach hunting. You know what they do. They photograph them with a standard lens. They get as close as they can to get a picture. It's their type of hunting (and they actually say this is the way I prefer to shoot my animals now). Just the camera is ALOT safer to the animals then C&R is to fish. LOL.
  9. P.S. Can someone please tell me what the solient green guy meant?[/QUOTE]

    Google it.
  10. Do they not allow taking steelhead from that place he did this atrocious act from?

    I DO get catch and release Tuna Man, but the Solient Green comment is simply retarded!
    If you do not enjoy them now, how will that impact not enjoying them in the future? Do you see where I am coming from?

    I detest people that abuse fishing rights and fish, as well as rules and regulations about fishing, but I ALSO detest the friggin lake rules back east where all the goddamn Bass in the lake are 15 and 20 lbs. but the damn lake keep limit is under 14 inches... that's 2.5 lbs.... That sucks! But so does the decimation of the natural steelhead population.

    We all have our likes and dislikes... I just dislike not keeping at least one if the fish I catch.

    And I Love stirring up the pot :D

    You guy's sound like a great bunch of dudes, and I just wanted to put my $0.02 in and let you all know that I LOVE fishing too, but my reward is generally more than touching it and throwing it back...

    I will be smoking some salmon and trout this year, unfortunately I have no idea where any natural trout live anymore since I left here 26 years ago things have changed a lot. So the trout will not be as good as it should be.

    Later Folks!

  11. Google it.[/QUOTE]

    I KNOW about the movie silly billy! :D

    I meant that his comment is unfounded and slightly retarded (that's just a poke in the ribs overstatement, the retard part).

    I said 'I eat my fish' and he said "Just a wish that you truly enjoy the soilent green that you will be eating in a few years"

    How can you NOT enjoy something TODAY and then in the future REGRET not enjoying it then? That's what his comment related to in essence. :confused: :confused: :confused: :beathead:

    How does that impact my statement?
    a 70's Charleton Heston flick. Only us old used up bastards get the joke.

    Koolminx, welcome back to the NW. please notice there's been no major minxflaming going on. But your personal desire to kill/eat/enjoy is seen as a little annoying, here's why:

    It's like this, there's many people writing checks and the bank can't cash them all.
    There's runs of fish that have gone to oblivion since you left WA, and maybe more to come.
    Erik's parable really hit home for me. Go back and read it. Everybody wants to knock one on the head, bleed it out, throw 'er on the grill. I'll agree....mmm mmm good. mmmm....bad.

    The bad news is that many runs of fish, especially steelhead, are in such bad trouble right now that even killing one of them has a significant impact on whether the run of fish survives or not. That's the point it's gotten to man.

    So if you want your children and grandchildren to also enjoy the incredible fatty goodness of a perfectly cooked wild fish, you'd best back off on the catch-n-kill for now. If that means you don't fish at all, fine. But you need to get on the C&R Soul Train if you're going to fish here these days and be posting on this forum especially...

    I like to eat fish. So I look for runs of fish and places/rivers where there's odds that the fishing I do will not screw with a wild fish's chances of survival. Doesn't matter if other guys, commmercials, tribals, whatever take a shot at them---I do my part. Do yours.

    thanks for the props Coach-you are the voice of experience.

  13. Thanks Jerry, that was nicely informative! I understand the reasons fully, and do respect the natural fish, but I am a carnivore exacticus kind of like Willy E Coyote, and I loves me some wild game, fish, animal, and even some varmints :), and another thing, although I grew up here I don't think I've ever caught a steelhead since I only river fished three times in my youth up here. I probably missed out on the best fishing of my life when I stayed out in the bay areas salt fishin'....

  14. Bro, I was there, I saw the movie, I understand what he was trying to impart, but it does not fit the context of not eating now ='s not enjoying them in the future, because you simply cannot 'not' now and 'not' in the future... Get it ;)

    OK, I am deeply saddened about the current state of out waters and our fish! The Entire salmon season was CANC'D for the whole state of California while I was there and that was sad, they have the strictest water laws and environment laws anywhere and their fish are still disappearing.

    As a matter of choice I don't fish for fish that are in this condition. I have no problem panning a few Hatchery Raised Trout per month, but only if they've been out of the hatchery long enough to loose the mossy taste and the not so healthy look.

    Thanks for the welcome back!

    I lastly want to make one thing CLEAR FULLY CLEAR. Although I am a hunt kill fish eat kind of guy, I do not do it all the time. In a 3 year span I'm usually not likely to take more than 15 or 16 trout home with me to eat. It's not a staple to me but a delicacy to be thoroughly savored.

    I didn't want my posts to raise any hackles that couldn't be cooled, and to tell you the truth, you guy's didn't come down on me as hard as I expected, so Thank you All :)

    Later folks!
  15. Damn, all of a sudden there's a bunch of warm fuzzy Oprah Windbag kind of love that I just never would have expected on this site. But if you guys start singing kumbya, then I out of here.
  16. Kumbya as in Courage the Cowardly Dog's some time catch phrase? Or the Kumbya my lord one :D
  17. Koolminx,

    So you have never caught a wild steelhead? Lets hope that trend continues for as long as you would consider killing one.
  18. Well, let's just hope that the F&W society or Foundation or club see's fit to not allow me to take them on my fishin' license then. :)

    If I catch it, There is a chance that I'm fishing for it for a reason, that reason is to eat one. Fairly simple to understand.

    If I don't want to eat a fish, I'll just do what those other fellers do, I'll cut the hook off the fly and just stand there and pretend to fish all day, some call it practicing....

    Why preserve a fish that you are never going to eat? Just to catch the damn thing???

    Do you get mad at the cavemen for not saving the Pterodactyl's or Brontosaur's for us to catch and eat today? Darn I sure do miss T-Rex meat!

    I don't get it.... Not that I am out after steelhead, but I don't get the fuss. If they're endangered then save the phuc'n species by droping them from the anglers license!

    If you're not willing to give up ALL fishing of that species then don't bitch about others eating them.

    Simple :)

    Fishing is ONLY a SPORT until you get HUNGRY :) Oh boy that's sure to piss off somebody... ;)
  19. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    You're trolling with wire line dude.:thumb:

    Next winter go bonk a hatch job winter steelhead so you can come back here and tell everyone how "great" they taste.:rolleyes:
  20. Dude, Hatchery fish taste like MOSS...

    And If I can eat "kitty" I can eat Steelhead! LAFAO :) :) :)

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