30 lb steelhead on the hoh

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  1. Woah there Hossenpfeffers.... I already said I give up :)

    Also, I NEVER EVER claimed to be an endangered species taker!

    Also again, I likely take less fish in a lifetime than any oe of you do in 5 years of fishing, so climb on your own backs not mine.

    I also support that the Brit was in the wrong to kill such a magnificent fish, but I if they're as ass nasty as you all say then there's absolutely no reason for me to fish for them!

    I can't believe that there are still several people that don't understand that...


  2. I do not and have never looked at it that way. I have a hard time believeing that anyone would!

    If I'm not allowed to take something then I won't fish for it. Simple. But the does NOT mean that I don't care for them as a species, and it does not mean that I would support their extinction. To say otherwise will get you a boken nose!:mad:

    The thread is about an ass that killed a magnificent fish, and everyone here agrees that it was wrong.

    Although I am a catcher and an eater, I'd not have taken such a strong and large fish from the world that it was one of the last of, and where that fish alone could likely have propagated half of the years run of his or her species for that river! Not a chance I'd have kept it or killed it!

    Besides, I don't have a frying pan that would hold it :p
  3. Good ideas Jason!
  4. Easy Kool, I wasn't directing any of that at you. Just at the idea that CnR fishing is hypocritical if one actually cares about the fishery.

    I wasn't saying anyone is supporting extinction. My point was that if fisherman are not actively engaged in a fishery, they will be less inclined to fight for it and it will be more likely to slip away. I firmly believe that a CnR fishery does far more good for the fish population than it does harm - and hence, there is no hypocrisy in it.
  5. Oooh , ok My bad :)

    Sorry for jumping to conclusions there :)
  6. We has a species support the extinctsion of many other species. During your lifetime many runs of fish have gone extinct and many more will follow. Breaking someone nose will not change that.
  7. It was s figure of speech... I hit like a girl anyway...
  8. Protection requires money, and the money doesn't go where there is no interest.
  9. the dead horses are piling up. Bottom line, shitty, shitty, shitty thing that happened....

    How can we turn this into a good thing, i/e more Education

    before we have hurt feelings here...as it seems like we already have

    other option...close the thread down
  10. And just as it's always been, our ranks donate what amounts to a piss in a bucket as far as your and Herl's so called bullshit "protection money" goes. Hence our lobby being by far the weakest, easiest ignored, never taken seriously of all the folks who care about wild steelhead. We come across as elitist, self serving phonies. Do you know how pathetic we would look if they closed C & R and we disappeared? The Wildcatters would be pissing all over themselves laughing, saying "I told you so!". But then again some of you have no damn idea what I am talking about.

    And you could close every river in Washington to fishing, alot of us would still be active in fish conservation and river stewardship. I for one, would still find a way to the Northwest in summer and hike up into headwaters just to observe steelhead. I would still write letters, kick in money, and try to stay involved. A bunch of us would. I've done it before and will do it again. When folks like Herl admit that without fishing there would be no interest in a bunch of wild steelhead and no more "protection":rolleyes: really he speaks only for himself. In fact, that is most hypcritcal self serving comment in this whole group of posts. So really we are charging the state a C & R "tax" so they can keep our interest in saving the greatest game fish that swims? No, I don't need to catch steelhead to fight for their interests. But then again alot of us will always carry that steelhead gene in our blood as native Washingtonians, Oregonians, BC natives, California folk and Idaho born and raised anglers. The steelhead means much more to us than a fucking two month shitty C & R season. I KNOW I speak for many others in saying this from the heart.
  11. Well said, I totally respect that! I am also glad that you're doing what you do with your support and donations. I personally only donate to to Muscular Dystrophy and Cancer funds. The rest goes into auto restoration...

    Best of fishing to you folks! I'm done with this thread :) I do hope it caught peoples attention with these last couple day's of postings :D

  12. Word Coach!

    You are a true steelhead Ambassador and a crazy fucker (in a good way).

    I think I love you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  13. Jeezus... I just jumped on this and was hoping that it was not true. ANY angler in this day and age who takes a fish like that really should consider why they are fishing for steelhead in the first place. Hatchery fish, yes bonk 'em, they were put there for that purpose, wild fish, no! Any ideas on who the guide was?
  14. From what I've read, there was no guide.
  15. Good for you coach. I'm glad that you would continue to fight for Steelhead after we are no longer allowed to fish for them. I imagine I would too, but the truth is that there would be less interest, across the board - and you know it. I'm not saying there is enough now, but there would be less. We need more people willing to walk the walk, not fewer.

    My only point is that it is not hypocritical to participate in a C & R fishery for a depressed run of fish. I think the minimal damage inflicted by hooking mortality is far offset by the enthusiasm generated by an open fishery. How are you going to explain to a newcomer what it means to fish for and even catch steelhead, and why it is worth fighting for?

    As for my comment being self serving and hypocritical, I will own the self serving part - I (selfishly) want to live in a world where there are steelhead that I am allowed to fish for. I want that for me, and my kids, and their kids. I have and will continue to fight for it. I'd be willing to bet your motives are just as selfish. But, how was my comment hypocritical?

    And, I am not talking about any specific CnR season, I am talking about being able to simultaneously practice CnR AND be rightfully pissed off when someone purposefully kills a wild steelhead.
  16. no there was not, the guy walked in on his own and got what he paid for
  17. important point.
    every guy who's pissed off by the thought of that fish lying on the beach bleeding out (legally taken or not, it sort of pushes a button for steelheaders with runs under such pressure already), might want to consider taking a break from posting here and use the same amount of time emailing their representatives, encouraging them to push for hatchery reform and sound fisheries management.
    Mention they should be voting in favor of HB 2266.
    Also, write a check to CCA/WSC etc...they need to build the warchest now. Time to get behind them and throw a shoulder to the wheel, gents.
    I'll get off the soapbox now.
  18. Can anyone recount the most recent facts of this story? I have read many differing accounts and I am curious what really happened out there. I know this may be a moot point as all that matters is that a 30# SH wasn't able to reproduce:(, but sometimes a lot can be learned from the facts.
    Also I would be curious to hear this englishmans' story.
  19. That would take all of the fun out of a thread like this.
  20. Yeah, why muck it up with facts. :clown:

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