30 lb steelhead on the hoh

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  1. You're smart. Just not smart enough to understand the rules of apostrophes.
  2. Trying to fan the flame...:mad:

    You have missed the point... It's not just this fish, its the entire run of Hoh river Steelhead.
    Look how WDFW has managed every other steelhead run. ENDANGERED Species.
  3. Wow, what a thread...I guess I jumped in kinda late but can't wait to read the whole thing.
  4. Yikes, that's a LOT of photos and some ridiculous handling. Apparently he's a new guide and worked the summer in AK (quick google):


    He of course needed to get the glory shot on Simms website:


    I'll be sure to put the name Nicholas English in my mental Rolodex as someone never to hire or recommend up there.
  5. Sorry guys Im not gonna complain about this fish until they pull the nets out of the river!
    even if I dont agree with killing it!
  6. Another way of looking at it; He'll never top it, it's all anti-climatic from here on out. Like my friend who caught a 21 lb. fish for his 1st steelhead, in '68. Never has been able to top it, can't get excited about 'em. Karma is a powerful force!
  7. cracks me up, that's so true.
    my very first jump in '79 I had a barber pole streamer, barely got the reserve deployed in time to save my ass...one more jump, an uneventful one, and I gave up skydiving.:hmmm:maybe I should be grateful I haven't caught the monster ego fish, so I still have to keep fishing.
    it IS the journey, after all, that's so sweet! Good to think about
  8. I resisted passing judgement because after catching a fish like that I'm sure I'd be freaking out and not thinking strait. The alleged story tells of a longish battle, a gill bleeder but the photos show a lip hooked fish. I just had a friend send me another version on a small social group posting that I'm a member of and there is a bit more info for me to digest. Take a look at the photos, but also the photo titles. You can caption or title a photo how you wish. In this case, whomever took the photos, added titles or whatever did not cover their tracks and that is what just made me puke a little bit again. I know no one involved in this story, but I'm liking the story a bit less now...

    Photo 1 of my attachment is numbered (automatically by your digital camera) but the number remains after the title "Fish On" is added. Please note it is photo #67. We go through the series of photos in numerical succession, of course with many photos not inculded (they will appear like those from the massive Kispiox buck at some later date I'm sure). My point, which many have said, but now I've seen the digital photo labels...photo #93 entitled "Alas Bleeding". That is right, no less than 26 photos were taken if #67 was the very first and #93 the very last. No less than 15 of those photos are of the fish out of the water (see photo #78 entitled "Redo", implying that it was at least not the first photo of the fish out of water). Blood does not appear in any photos up to #87 entitled "What A Fish" but there is blood in #93 "Alas Bleeding".

    Because it would be legal to do so, I may have kept such a fish...I don't know and flame me if you wish. I've caught a few steelhead fishing casting gear and exactly one (hatchery) on a fly. I aspire to release all wild steelhead and fill the table as needed with hatchery fish that are available. I would hope to release it unharmed prior to the bloody photo #93 and hopefully the fish would have spawned great lines of champions for furture tests of angling prowess. If "Alas Bleeding" would have been one of the first photos of the series I might be less upset about the whole mess because it might make more sense in what I've read.

    I apologize for now taking a passing judgement position, but previous evidence had not convinced me. What fool would edit photo titles and not take the time to change the numbers so that all that appeared were your titles? Same group that takes a monster wild buck steelhead from the Hoh.

    I just puked again.

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  9. "ALAS Bleeding"... right after I had my whole freaking hand up in it's gills...whoda thunk...:beathead::beathead::beathead::beathead:
  10. i am ashamed of all of you who condem that man. have you all forgot what we are? we are fishermen. we fish for food like the thousands of people before us in this country. how can you speak so bad about this guy who executed the true meaning of fishing. you are the ones who should be verbaly bashed
  11. Uh...coyote spirit, yes it was legal, but there are better fish for the skillet.

    Guys, certainly hope your time, energy and financial resources are going towards conservation organizations and GETTING THE LAWS CHANGED!

  12. YO, Coyote. The only thing executed here was an amazing large steelhead that was producing offspring and keeping the Hoh a genetically strong river. He executed the true meaning of fishing when he killed that fish, taking the opportunity away from the rest of us to catch large native fish down the line. You're a fool.
  13. good points Mumbles!
  14. Mumbles, bringing the forensic HEAT:thumb:

    You know, judging the act of fishing is sort of meaningless, because it is an archetypal act, but the context....ahhhh....the context is everything here.

    If the Hoh's return were 40,000 all wild fish, with strong management informed by strong science permitting it, I'd be cheering for English Pete. But that's not the case is it?

    I think this is a superlong thread because it arouses so many emotions, deep shit like anticipatory grief over a mighty race of steelhead going extinct in our lifetime.
  15. Just having a little fun...

    So a known hatchery fish comes up the river and spawns naturally. The smolt swims out to sea and comes back with all fins....Who would call it a "native" ? Now if you did not know the smolt came from a hatchery fish and it came back with all fins..who would call it a native?

    Now a wild fish comes up the river and and is stripped of the eggs, raised in a pen and released, but oops, the fins did not get clipped...what is it? Hatchery or Native.

    I know my opinion on this situation and that is the only one who I worry about. I think this is a serious but funny thread. I have actually learned a lot about how people think and take their fishing serious.

    Thanx everyone

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