Beaver Lake Report

Was on Beaver Lake on Sunday for about 4 hrs. midday till about 5 or so. We hit the island in the middle of the lake before heading to the back part of the lake. First it was slow but then it got really fun. Mostly weighted buggers but damn. My brother pulled a 3-5 lb largemouth about 17" out. Just tossed it past the drop off and striped toward us. All three of us picked up about a dozen fish, bass and perch.

Headed to the back of the lake for some slow calm water. I lost count but lots of bass and a few perch. mostly on bugger but a few frog patterns. hit those pad and head to the beaver damn. saw a huge eagle that took a sunnie and decided to have a meal.

Hit the sides of of the back late and even did a few yo-yos. Came back out and hit some more docks. overall it was a nice day, right up till I lost a few flies in a few minutes. I really wanted to try this dock with massive tree coverage but it wasnt in the cards.

Bass are hotter than a gold digger ass right now!



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July is the time to fly fish for bass, for sure! However, I like tossing poppers to them for topwater action. Look for overhanging branches and tuck a cast under. It's a good thing!