Going to Levenworth, can I still fish Rainbow

I just got back from the Yak this past weekend and will be going to Levenworth at the Wenatchee or even Icycle creek. But looking at the regs I think they may be closed. Is it me or is reading the Tax code easier to understand. HELP :OO
The way I read the reg book, Icicle creek is open until Oct 31 above the fish hatchery to Leland creek, I don't know how far upstream Leland creek is. The Wenatchee river is closed, so there is no fishing right around Leavenworth. The fish hatchery is about a mile out of town on the Icicle creek road next to Sleeping Lady conference center. You would most likely want to keep going a few more miles past all the homes to get river access. Note: I have not fished Icicle creek so I can't say how the fishing is and the water flow is pretty low on the Icicle. And there was a forest fire up in the Icicle creek valley this year. But some friends stayed at Eight mile campground last weekend so you must be able to get at least 8 miles out on Icicle creek road. Good luck, I'd like to know if you catch anything. I go to Leavenworth a couple times a year, just started fly fishing and haven't tried Icicle creek yet.

Tight lines
nu2-Hi! Yup he's right Icicle is open until the end of the month. Leland Creek is well above the end of the road at Black Pine Creek Horse Camp, probably 5 miles by trail. So there's lots of good creek to explore. I've fished right in front of the campground at Johnny Creek and had good luck. My notes tell me it was in early August of 1999. The river wasn't all that low and wading was difficult. It was high enough that I couldn't cast all the way across. The water there is really cold, the snow level was at 4000' a couple nights ago. So... Wear your fleece, it shakes out almost completely dry, and use of a wading staff (sturdy stick) might be advisable. Remember, water over knee deep is dangerous. I always carry a complete change of clothing and a good sleeping bag in the vehicle, just in case. On a lighter note , the fish were eager to take drys, and fought really hard despite the smallish size. I think if you were to try a few hundred yards away from the camp grounds where everyone and his brother keep their catch that you just might have a really good trip. I note also in my journal that elk hair caddis and hivis x caddis were the ticket for me. Have fun, I'd love to fish there once before the season closes but Lost Lake is calling me this weekend. Oh, just as a side note, take a camera, it's beautiful there.
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Thanks for the update, I cant wait to hit the water again. Please tell me more about your journal. I am a Party chief with a surveying company in Gig Harbor and I keep notes all the time. But with fishing, what kind of notes should I keep, is it a prefab or is yours home made by you. I have a source that can make up water proof ones , infact I havent checked with them to see if they have any. any way whats on yours? Thanks