FF for Coho east of Neah Bay?


I am Randolph, coming from Oregon , new to this forum, but have been fly fishing NB and Sekiu for several years. I use a 16 ft. boat,and don't go out too far (I can make it to Duncan Rock). Because NB is often fogged in and/or too rough, I am willing to learn how to have success FF for Coho further east on the Straits - are there good places to put in and maybe fish along kelp beds? Are there techniques I should try beside just casting randomly as I drift along the edge of kelp? Should I watch for gulls and herring balls further inland? Should I pay attention to rips at tide change as far in as Port Angeles?, etc. Any and all suggestions are a big help. I am also willing to take a partner with me for sharing the gas in exchange for ideas and a little help - I turn 67 on August 10, and can always use a second set of elbows when pulling out, etc.

If anybody has a good idea for FF Coho in Oregon - please let me know, as I can only find them way out in the ocean-too far for my 16 ft boat. And the Bouy 10 Columbia fishery is a madhouse - not a good place to cast flies.

Thanks, Randolph