Kadoo's to Redington/Sage!!

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Sage/Redington's customer is top of the line as is Loomis' but it is no better nor faster than Echo's, Beulah's or TFO's.

I believe the statement that high end sticks break less then those of lower price points to be complete nonsense. More then 90%+ of rod breakage is caused by user error which has nothing to do with anyone's quality control.

I'm glad your getting a new stick Fred. Thanks for the report.:thumb:


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Kudos comes from the Greek singular noun kydos. In spite of the fact that a well-known fly fishing magazine sponsored "kudo" awards a few years ago most usage guides warn against the unwarranted back-formation to a supposedly singular form from a word that is already singular. Personally, I think that the editor who came up with the "kudo" award (or allowed it) should have had his blue pencil confiscated and been put to work correcting high school term papers.
Personally my high end price point for a fly rod is $ 400, lots of good rods out there these days below that price.

As for fly tackle manufacturer service I have found it to be good for most, lets face it these days with the internet and email if its not its going to be written up and broad cast to 100s if not thousands of fly fishers on many fly fishing boards. Not like the old days pre internet/email when it was a one on one interaction.


UPS at the door at 1321 this afternoon (or is that redundant?)!

Fred meant "kudos" but he is lousy at Greek :p And of course "kudos" is the singular whereas if he had meant more than one accolade it would be "kudo" which is the created plural form:rofl:

Well, I really do like a Greek Salad with Feta Cheese and black olives; does that count?:rolleyes:

New rod from Redington delivered this afternoon and it is a 12-6 three section 7wt "Redfly." Will line this up in a bit and try some 'grass casting.'

Been going through the fly lines I (already) own to get a reasonable match for the 'new toy.' No Joy, save for a 7 wt DT 1-hander line ... and that didn't set the world on fire. Visited my 'local' (Ashland) fly shop and said 'where do I go from here.'

Will said, with the relatively short length of the rod (12'6") that this might be a good candidate for a RIO Skagit head. Popped a 500 grain head along with a type 6 sink tip and ZOOM!!

Only a few opportunities to use a skagit system (prefer the Scandi heads) up to this point, but with this rod, Will was dead on.:thumb: