Diver courtesy ?

SO today after my time at picnic point we headed up to mukilteo just to see how things were there. the two of us were there with only one other angler a few hundred yards down the beach, the rest completely emtpy. a van full of diving students showed up and made their way down to the water, and one large group of them surrounded the other fisherman and proceeded to get into the water right in front of him right where he was casting. the guy stared in disbelief, shook his head, and proceeded to leave in his truck. not 5 minutes later, another diver from the van walked right next to the girl i was fishing with, and put himself into right where she was casting where he sat for a bit, then swam his way right into where i was casting where he decided to sit again. he gave me a look like "what are you going to do about it" and i proceeded to ask why they couldn't use the rest of the open beach. that's when all hell broke loose and he starts dropping every heavy insult/curse word in the book at me, in front of the lady even. he threatened that i'd be sorry if he didn't have 150lbs of gear on.... then he ended his little session with "have fun fly fishing... FAGGOT!"

i was in disbelief... has anyone had similar experiences? is there a code of conduct between divers and fishermen that i should have followed? it was pretty apparent they were trying to provoke us, but i could be wrong.
probly late teens, early 20s. hard to tell when all you can see is part of their face. i'm sure the guy with anger management issues i dealt with was early 20s ish
The only reason why I asked is that probably stands to reason why they might be volitile, due to being young punkasses. It is unsafe when you are alone to provoke more of a reaction out of someone and being that he was already in the water and ruined your opportunity to catch a fish in that area, a trip to the truck is advised. I personally would have done the same, but if it was mono e mono then things would have been different. I am though a registered "ass" when it comes down to someone disrespecting me or anyone I am with.
yeah, i probably should have kept my mouth shut and walked off, but i was pretty upset that these guys just didn't care that they were ruining other people's trips to the water. i'm generally not one to provoke or try to start a confrontation, but this one pushed my buttons... and i have the problem of not really fearing a challenge from someone, mainly because to this day i have never had a problem holding my own. oh well, next time i'll just move on
Throwing rocks in the water is your right as well. Hey you didn't know that those bubbles were from a diver, you thought they were from hiccuping fish!!!:rofl:
I've always followed the rule "first in time, first in right".

What those divers did was ridiculous.
i brought that up too... i said "last i checked, we were standing here long before you came along..." and he responded with an intelligently thought out rebuttal that started out with "you piece of sh*t........"

ridiculous indeed
Sorry to hear you got put through that. If you would have checked the van, might have led you to the store or club that was so inconsiderate and allowed you endless opportunities to express your displeasure.
Sorry to hear you got put through that. If you would have checked the van, might have led you to the store or club that was so inconsiderate and allowed you endless opportunities to express your displeasure.
i never think about these things until after the fact :beathead:
You sure you were fishing mukilteo not edmunds? The reason I ask is that I have never seen
a diver at mukilteo and there is a dive park at edmunds. The amount of dive traffic you mention
make me think it was the dive park at edmunds. I'm not sure of the rules about fishing the dive
park but it would explain the attitude of the diver to sum degree.



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Sorry, but you just ran into some rude SOBS. Why any rational diver would want to risk a rip into an expensive wet/dry suit or bouyancy compensator escapes me. Of course, if they didn't have a dive flag with them, I might have informed them that I would notify the coast guard of their lack of appropriate safety gear....



Still in the 206.....
I have wondered the same question before. We were trolling off Alki during the EB opening last year and a guy went ape shit on us from the beach.... we were hundreds of yards from the nearest flag and a long way off the beach in the normal trolling path and this dude was jumping up and down like a maniac and waving his arms like the old matt fowley character on Sat night live and screaming "divers in the water"..... After a half dozen pabsts before 10am, we thought it was pretty funny! :beer2: