A swing through Seattle!

A swing through Seattle - Think Pink!

After a week of business in Calgary, I planned a one day stop in Seattle to get after some salmon for the smoker. Corey, Anil, and Ed hooked me up as captains of a couple of boats which made for a great day!

We launched out of Redondo and headed toward Point Robinson to try to get a couple Kings (on gear) before heading out for the pinks. It wasn't red hot, but we hooked a small on about 21" (he had to go back) and a keeper that went around 17 pounds. we headed toward Commencement Bay as we heard the pink bite was ON! It was! I saw Mike Guardipee and Jamie (sorry to boatmates I wasn't faliliar with) hooking fish after fish after fish. I think they both said their boats had hooked 75 to 100 fish that morning. We caught six pinks in 45 minutes and headed back to get the boys out for a trip up to Neah Bay. The guys were nice enough to mark the fish on the catch records and donate them to my cause. You guys are so lucky to have this fishery in your backyard!

Anil and I headed out aroung 2 PM to get back in the action. The fish had moved some, but weren't hard to find. We fished for the next 1.5 hours hooking so many pinks it was silly! We limited out shortly and headed back to marina.

You know, it's for fortunate to hit the right timing as the salmon push in that I was smiling happy to hit probably the hottest pink day I have ever seen!

I love Washington and miss it so much! You guys are incredibily lucky; what a fishery!!!