Lone Lake Report/Lake fishing question

I fished Lone Lake yesterday afternoon from about 2-4. The weather had been cool and there had been some rain, so the water temps did not seem dangerous. I have never fished the lake before and had been really anxious to give it a try. What a beautiful spot. I managed four fish to hand - 13, 15, and 16 inches and one Beast of 18" and FAT. What a fish! I missed another four or five and had two LDR. I fished a beadhead Olive bugger on a sinking tip line with two small split shot to help get it deep.

Here is my question. I also trailed a green Carey Special about 14-18 inches behind the bugger, and am wondering if this is common practice, or if I could have been spooking the fish I missed? I was really just trying to see what they were taking, but got two on thein bugger and two on the carey, so could not narrow things down.

Any thoughts?

I am hoping to fish there again today - late afternoon and early evening. Any suggestions on where on the lake to fish? I focused on the area in front of the boat ramp and around to the right - near the beautiful house on the point.

Thanks in advance for the input.


Jeff Dodd

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Good job on the fish. If you are looking out from the launch, the stretch of water to the left in front of the houses has been good for me - about 100' out from the shoreline.

Another popular spot is straight out from the launch, about 3/4 of the way across the lake. You will see remains of dock pilings on that side of the lake, and people do well with chronomids in that general area.

I live close, but don't fish the lake as much as others on the board, so I hope otheres reply.

Enjoy your stay - Any luck on the crab?
I've never tried the two fly technique, but have heard it can be successful. I seriously doubt it would spook a fish, unless it was one big ass Carey. I might be out there today. I'll have my son with me so we will be in the little Pelican boat.
Thanks. We got three keeper crab on Saturday. We will put the pots back out tomorrow morning and see how we do. Two of the crab we kept were HUGE. Fish heads and cat food.

Islander, I am hoping to get out on the lake by 4:00 or so. I will show up in a red subaru and be trolling around in a float tube.

Hope to see you out there.


I am going to give it a shot tonight. I will let you know how it goes. I am going to fish it again Wed or Thursday morning and Wed or Thursday evening. I am also looking to get over to Bush point to fish the salt tomorrow at flood tide.

Let me know if you will be out and about. I would love a fishin partner.

I've done well at the far end of the lake near the blue house. Mainly trolling buggers earlier in the year... but i'd say chronomids are definitely the way to go on this lake. i was there on sunday from 1 til 7 and landed 12 and had another 12 or so take downs. my bro had landed 14. one thing i noticed on sunday was that 2 or 3 of the fish looked pretty sick and had raised red marks on their sides.. almost like a really bad sunburn. has anyone else seen this? hopefully it's not a widespread thing..
I caught a larger fish last week that looked somewhat beat up and had some redish color to it. I am going to contact one of our senior club members who is the resident expert on Lone and see what he thinks.
Pieter, I should be out there this evening for sure and tomorrow also. Might get there during the day today if my son wants to fish. He's been bugging me to take him to the driving range. The kid obviously needs to get his priorities straight.:D
Hey Pieter, Was that you that pulled up to the boat ramp at Lone this evening? I forgot to post that if my son didn't come with me I would be in my pontoon. Sorry, if you wasted a trip over there. You didn't miss much fishing wise. I was there for about 3 hours only netted two fish, nothing bigger than 15". Missed several takes on streamers so I would imagine they were small fish.

Jeff Dodd

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Hi KenS
Welcome to the board.

We're talking about the Lone Lake you see off Bayview Road between the Bayview Corner and Langley. You know - the one near your house :)
Thanks, there are a couple of other Lone Lakes in the state and I am never sure which one is being talked about. Isn't this one full of weeds now; it usually is this time of year.