Pattern Bright butt purple templedog tube


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Been replenishing my flies for salmon season (don't fish for a year and a half and when you get back you'll be doing LOTS of tying :beathead: ) and also been working on downsizing the heads on my tube flies. Here's a pattern that has caught silvers, chum, and steelhead in the past as a hook based pattern. I was turned on to antron as body material about a decade ago. Adds a flashy reflection, and is as durable as lacquered floss.

Tube: Rooney 1 inch light
Butt and tail: fluorescent chartreuse spooled antron
Body: purple antron
rib: x-small oval tinsel
underwing: 4 strands purple/blue holographic flash
wing: purple temple dog
wing flash: purple crystal flash
top wing: Gentian Violet silver fox (dark purple with black tips)

Steve Rohrbach

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Phil, nice looking tube. It looks to me like there is some hackle tied as a beard. I am headed out Sunday for Coho and will take a shot at tying some of these. What is your source of the silver fox? Can you recommend a substitute?
Thanks for sharing. Steve


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Hey Steve. It isn't a beard. It's tied in the wing. See here

I get my good wings stuff from the Irish Angler (Jack Cook). You can use anything from bunny, arctic fox, finnish racoon is great, heck, marabou. My main rule is "use what you have unless it won't work" For long 2 to 3 inch swedish style wings you have to go exotic. for most of the stuff we do arctic fox is fine if you comb out alot of the fuzz.