Don Hill Mini Drifter

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94 Don Hill mini drifter, fiberglass. About 10 ft.

Hull is dark brown and tan, Transon has been Noched for a electric motor.
Prior to buying this boat I talked to Don, he said its not uncommon for these to have lots of flex in the bottom. The bottom flexes a little bit. If you are interested in rowing I live near Island Lake, near Silverdale. But I live in Poulsbo

These boats are light about 80 lbs, Great for one guy, I use it at the lake for myself and two little girls.

I can email more pics


Comes with oars, 2 fish on rod holders 30lb electric motor (no battery) Has a side mount anchor system 2 anchors


Dad, Angler, Guide
That is a sweet boat and a good deal for someone out there! Stillwater to class 1 to 3 rivers, she'll deliver. What would you be willing to trade for?
It "fits" in the bed of a fullsize pickup. Bottom is 44 inches wide,Its 60 inches wide at the gunnals, legnth overall is 9' 6"

Scoots with a 30lb electric and, 2 girls and 200lb dad. Rows great easy to manuver. very shallow draft.
Ok, as of this time. I have a buyer coming to get it. If that dosen't work out. Joe is next. Its hard to turn down a call that says "I will but it, I am on my way"

I will update this in a few hrs, if he shows.

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