Leavenworth, icicle and fish lake

well leavenworth was fun, we went to fish lake first, right by our cabin, right off the bat i had something (i saw it too, looked like a largie) took a bite off my clouser, then i tried the dock, guy caught a rainbow, then i left, we had dinner at the 59'er diner, best food ever, inside takes you back to the 50's, then we chilled at the cabin, watched some movies, next day we went to town and had fun, ate at Barren Haus, but one thing was circling my mind, finding der sportsman and fishing the icicle, got to der sportsman and it was painful because i didnt have any money, and i really wanted to get some copper johns and some dry flies for the icicle, then we go to the bridge in town my mom told me about and its true you see trout everywhere, sipping flies like crazy it was so painful, bridge was to high to fly fish and coudlnt get to the good pools from shore because of tubbers and people, so we go to the cabin then the pool for the club people only, i then see the icicle right behind it, so i swim with my bro and sister all night and next evening i bring my fly rod and swim a bit and head to the 'beach' on the icicle, nice and quiet no people, all to ourselves, water was pretty fast but lots of good pools, we all look around in the little big fish empty pool (looks like if nobody goes in some trout would be in there) and find some bugs and stuff, then i want to fly fish and i tie on a small yellow stimulator and work the pools and then by sunset i get a nice smack on my fly, i just saw it go down, i was using a 5/6wt so first i thought i was snagged but i felt head shakes, i excitingly yell over and over , got one!!! as it was my first wild trout, first river fish, all on a dry fly, it was a nice little 7" bow trout, beautiful colors, olive green back with black dots, didnt get a good look at the body as i was so excited and all my flys were barbless (regulation) so the little guy jumped into the little sandy pool and we almost got him, he flopped to shore and flopped back, and went back to the river, so no pictute but it was cool and i am now hooked on trout fishing rivers

cabin is so awesome, 2 60" plasma TV's, one room is fishing room, the other is cowgirl room, the 3rd is just a regular with the other plasma, big deck, in the woods, (it's by the cove on fish lake) the remote is like a mini TV!!

so today i fished icicle again behind the swimming pool and got tons of strikes on a different stimulator, but no hookups. laundry at the cabin was finished and it was time to go, im going to miss the river, until summer (or winter if its open) when we go again (fall or winter, possibly spring, and summer) we are bringing our rat terrier

lots of pics later

im hooked on trout fishing rivers now
Not really sure where you were fishing. Gary is right, the Icicle is closed water from the hatchery on down. If you were around town that is closed water. You said the cabin was on Fish Lake, but the Icicle doesn't come near Fish Lake. There is a stream out of Fish Lake that feeds the Wenatchee, don't know the regs. on it, or its name. Save some coins and buy a Washington Gazetteer (if you don't have one already). Next time you head this way post a question on the forum asking for a few good areas, or pm some of the locals and we'll head you in the right direction.
You are correct in that it doesn't get any better than fishing dries on moving water.
Jeff, cabin was not on fish lake (i wish it was) from the cabin to the lake, it was about 20-25min drive to fish lake, i have some pics of the water i was fishing so when my aunt sends me them hopefully we can i identify, i saw tons of streams and they looked like they hold lots of trout, but im sure this was icicle. really wide, rushing water, calm pools, if it was closed water, you can all know atleast i only caught 1 little trout, and he went back in, would never keep any fish though, and im pretty sure you cant take fish from icicle, thinking about hitting the cedar tonight or coulon park in the quieter areas, as the cedar by renton stadium and coulon are about 10min away from my house
I didn't want to be harsh about the closed water. Esp. if you were above the hatchery.
So many of our streams are closed in this area. All should be open to C&R, fly only.
I just wouldn't want you to get a ticket, lose equipment, etc. just for not knowing where yer at.
I fished the icicle up the forest road in a couple of spots on sunday. I got a couple of Rainbows, nothing larger than 7". Seems to be my luck in washington so far. One of these days i'll hook dinner, but for now i just have to look at everyone elses pictures:beer1:
7" is pretty standard fare for the icicle. Nothing to be bummed about there. If I want to catch dinner I'll take my 2wt down to safeway and cast at the butchers counter. :rofl:

They are such feisty little bastards, just don't tell them they are only 7 inches. :beer2: