More area 10 report 8/26

After several weeks of zip for salmon I gave up and I decided to try to catch a few cutts last Sunday. I got a late start and went out about 8:30 from Shilshole to fish over on the Kitsap side right before low tide. Pulled out a popper and had a hit while stripping out line waiting getting ready for my first cast. Good sign. After some follows with no hook ups, I switched over to a pink over white tube fly and hooked up with my first fish. It wasn't a cutt, but a nice 4 lb blackmouth. Surprise!

Switching tactics I decided to see if I could find the school by basically slow trolling the fly up and down the beach in about 15 feet of water. Once I found the main school I just trolled along, following the school as it move up and down about 500 yards of the beach. I was watching the gear guys out in 60+ feet of water with the downriggers and I did not see anybody catch any. Each time I pulled out the net they would move in a little closer, but none of them seemed willing to give up the downriggers and move into the shallows.

It turned out to be a mixed school of blackmouth and silvers and by about 10 AM I had caught 7, 3 chinook and 4 coho ranging from 2 to 5 lbs with most at about 4 lbs. Lost several others. Came back home with two silvers in the cooler, one about 5lbs. The fish were (obviously) feeding actively and the 5lber had two herring in its gut that must have been 8 inches long each.

While it was nice to finally get into some fish, this has been a maddening feast or famine year in Area 10 for me. Building numbers of resident silvers on the Kitsap side in late July and early August, then dead for about 3 weeks, then appearently, picking up again based on prevous posts and recent experience. I still have yet to catch a salmon on the east side of Area 10 except for one small blackmouth from the beach back in early August and no pinks.

Is anybody finding any Pinks? I am wondering if the Green River fish are going to show up all in one day in a big pile or if they are just going to trickle in a fish at at time making it hard to target them in the salt with a fly.