Yellowstone Reports/ Island Park?


Was wondering if anyones been around west yellowstone/island park area in the last few weeks. From what im hearing the rivers are opening back up and rebounding nicely. Any reports please e mail or post. Looking for info on Soda Butte the Slogh the Maddy and still waters in that area.


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i fishe the gibbon in the wyoming area of yellowstone a few days agoe and didnt catch nothting ill post a thread on my trip later!!
Fished the Ranch at Last Chance two weekends ago. Like so many other visits to upper Henry's Fork, we spent more time walking and waiting while the big fish sat on the bottom laughing at us. This went on for two solid days, and yes--we are diligent and persistent headhunters. There were tricos and a decent spinner fall for most waters, but Henry's fish are spoiled and wouldn't budge for the mere few millions of tricos available during the hatches. We only saw one genuine Ranch trout of the kind that draws folks from afar and it rose for only a minute or two before sliding back under.

Had to hit the Fall River to catch fish. Several teentsy rainbows. No animals to entertain either.

Maybe things will improve with the oncoming mahoganies.

Better luck to ya!