Area 8.2 Report

Had Monday & Tuesday off so I fished one of my favorite beaches in Area 8.2.

Monday - Fished from 12 to 3PM. Lots of fish were showing. I hooked nine pinks, landed 7. Caught the first few on a standard pink/white clouser sparsely tied. Then I switched over to one of Leland's poppers and managed my first pink with a surface fly. Pretty cool to watch but it was much more of a subtle take than when a silver or searun slashes it. The bite peaked between about 1 and 2.

Tuesday - Fished from 11 - 3PM. Nada! Saw about a dozen seals though that weren't there yesterday so I'm pretty sure I know why the fish left the area.

The fish on Monday showed no interest in a fast moving fly, the key was to go SLOW.