South Sound SRC report

Dan Cuomo

Active Member
Fished one of my favorite way south sound beaches this morning. The fog was pretty thick so my start was a bit delayed, putting me on the water at about 6:15 am. Things were quiet till about 7:00 am when the surface activity picked up, with lots of SRC and coho action. I tried a white wooly bugger and a chartruse/white clouser w/ little intrest, and then switched to an olive and white clouser w/ a few strands of flashaboo, griz hackle, and peacock herl that I tied last night. I tried to copy one of Leland's poppers w/o the foam head. Tied into a nice fish which quickly threw my fly, followed by a smaller fish that I brought right to my feet before it made its escape. The next two were more cooperative. The first was a pretty 12 incher followed by a nice 16 inch fish. The tide was coming up fast as was my need for food so I quit around 9:00 am. All in all a very nice way to spend a Sunday morning.
Nice job Dan. I was out Saturday morning for a couple hours with a friend of mine. We buzzed around in the boat hitting several spots, but with no luck. At least someone found some fish out there this weekend! :thumb: