Small Stream, Big Salmon?

Hi There,

I dropped in to a tiny South-Sound stream last night, hoping that recent rains had possibly pumped in some SRCs. Instead I was surprised to discover lots of large salmon wriggling through the shallow runs and riffles.

I felt like I was in the middle of a Discovery Channel documentary, watching 10-plus-pound coho and chum thrashing their way upstream in a 3-inch deep riffle! Anyway, the fish were very dark, and looked like they were mere days away from becoming streamside fertilizer or bald-eagle buffets.

From what I could discern from the reg pamphlet, the season on this little trickle of stream is open for salmon this time of year-although I didn't see anyone else fishing it.

I haven't done much freshwater salmon fishing, and was just wondering about the ethics. Would any of you fish for salmon in conditions like these?

Thanks for input!


only snaggers fish in situations like that. probly better just to let them be if they have made it that far
Try a lightly weighted egg headed leach or flashy fly slowly striped across the current in the deeper pools or where they are holding. If you see a wake behind the fly accelerate your strip. Another tactic is to use a glowing fly @ light change. Watch the water before fishing to see whether they are digging nests if so I would let them be. I would also let them alone the stream is so small the fish has no place to run.