Swap Steelhead fly swap 2007!

Ta Da! Mine are done ..... the actual name of the pattern is Irresistible Temptation (Orange) .... that said, they really should be called Pain in the Asssss :ray1:.. as in to tie. Now all I've got to do is find the address so I can get these off in the mail later this AM.

Got mine in the Mail today...:thumb:

Size 2 Green Butt Silver Hiltons...Just nailed a steelhead on the Klickitat a couple of weeks ago with this fly.

My camera isn't the best (my wife has our good camera with her in Omaha) but I tried anyways.

This just in, its the top of the fifth the Sox are up by one and I am staring at great ties by Brian Thomas and Daryn Brown. Great ties by both and let them shed hope for a game 6!!!

Christian since your ties are the hot pattern then I will make sure I use yours on the Stilly first.


David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
OK, after sitting on my desk for a week, mine are in the mail. Should be there Tuesday I had to wimp out and send ya a couple of bucks for postage.
UPDATE 10/28/07

First of all, I just have to say that this is one great swap so far. All the ties recieved have been unbelievable and in all reality, I would love to be able to pay each one of you for a doz flies at a time so I could do the fishing and you could do the tying.:beer2:

Here are the submissions I have received thus far:

Steve S,
Frank Ruiz,
Daryn Brown,
Christian Brewer,
Brian Thomas.
Daryle Holmstrom,
David Dalan,
Fred Evans,
Clint Fretz,

Soon the others will arrive and I will give updated information.


Got mine sent on Saturday Bob, Still can't get the head size down, should be bullet proof with epoxy heads. The pictures will be superb though since I got a whole new desktop puter to replace my ten year old one. Wow, 320 gigs compared to 13 gigs.